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Hey guys, i think this is my first post here. I'm a designer from Brasil.

i recently got my paws on Aseprite, a great pixel art animation tool and started fooling around with some gifs to try out some pixel art and unrust my animation techniques. Wow what a surprise, Its a joy to work with! 

So, i decided to play around with it and make some sprites so one of my programmer friends can use it to make a mock up and who knows evolve into a proof of concept for a simple game we were thinking of. 

This first test subject references an existing IP that i will not mention but i'll call "Star marines". If we decide to make it available for download in the future i'll make original characters, but for now lets just use this little blue guy to mock up a game :)
Long story short, on the long run i will just hand these over to a programmer i develop games with, and just make a (non profit) game to use as proof of concept to try to develop into something serious (with different characters) in the future.

for now, enjoy the star marine gifs! 

idle star marine

shooting star marine

(when we implement these, we'll adjust speed according to gameplay)


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