Deus Ex: Universe Art Dump Thread

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Hello Everyone!

 I am Hubert Corriveau, I am the Environment Director on Mankind Divided, and this is the Art Dump Thread for Mankind Divided.

We worked hard on this game for the last 4 years, we are proud of our achievement and we hope you liked the end result in the game.

In this thread we hope to post a bit of everything, Environment, Characters and Interactive assets, we have invited the artists to share their work with you in here, and hopefully you can appreciate the craftsmanship and love that went into each of those.

 As always, please keep in mind that most of these assets are the work of a team.  None of these would be possible without the excellent work of the Art Direction and the awesome concept artist team, who are tasked with dreaming and conceiving this world we are all building together. 

 Also, None of this is possible without the lighting artists who make these pop, and the team of Tech Artists and engineer who worked to make sure this could all be held together in-game.

We'll try to update this regularly.

Here is a link to each individual artists ArtStation.

Character Artist

Laura Gallagher:

Jacque Choi:

Marco Plouffe:

Guillaume Tiberghien:

Frederic D’Aoust:

Eugene Fokin:

Level Art

Thomas Rodrigue:
Michel Lanoie:
Maxime Chassé:  
David Chan:

Interactive Assets

Frédéric Ferland Dorval :
Nicolas Belley:

So here, welcome, and hope you like it!


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