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Hard Surface/ Prop Sketchbook

polycounter lvl 7
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SmilingMountain polycounter lvl 7
Decided I'd make a thread to post my stuff, I'm working towards creating some portfolio pieces for a junior prop/ env artist position, I'd love to hear any feedback you guys have for me. So far it's just a load of random stuff modelled for practice or from various concepts, let me know if you have any questions.

Futuristic grenades based on concept by Tipa Graphic https://www.artstation.com/artwork/XGKz3, mostly floaters for the details (SubD max viewport render).

Aragorn's hunting knife (SubD in max)

Various SubD stuff (Max Viewport)

Let me know if you have any questions.


  • Poseidon8734
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    Poseidon8734 polycounter lvl 6
    What is the best way to practice hard surface modeling?
  • pmiller001
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    pmiller001 greentooth
    Some wireframes would be nice. Your shapes are cool, but i'm sure you can push yourself to do much more complex piece. 
    -Are you going to add more details onto aragorns knife? 
    -Are you going to texture these? 
  • Poinball
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    Poinball polycounter lvl 6
    Good job man !! continue like that ;)
  • SmilingMountain
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    SmilingMountain polycounter lvl 7
    @Poinball Thanks dude! Glad I'm on the right track!

    @Poseidon8734 I find it's good to find a bunch of different stuff around the house and in catelogues/ magazines etc. and just try to copy it as closely as possible. Start out simple and move on to more complex stuff as you improve. After that find some prop or weapon concepts on Artstation and try to model them. If your looking for info on correctly modelling different shapes in subd the "how u model dem shapes" thread is awesome.

    @pmiller001 I am planning on taking some of these through to finished assets, the stop button and camera were mainly just for practice though. You're definately right that I could be challenging myself more, I haven't learned  PBR texturing yet so I was going to create some simple assets to take through to completion.

    I will probably add the engraving on the knife as an alpha in Substance Painter I just need to learn how to use it first :smile:

    Here are some wires from the last post:

    Something a bit different for today, I've been looking into the ProBoolean/ Zbrush method and tried to create some assets with it. It's actually really fast once you get used to it. I tried to create a longsword that would fit into the witcher games. It's based heavily on an image of a european sword I found online.

  • SmilingMountain
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    SmilingMountain polycounter lvl 7
    More subD practice, another simple asset since i didn't have much time for 3d today. Been playing around with different ways to present my work, this is probably a little overkill for so simple an asset. I'm going away for the weekend for work, but I'm going to download substance next week and start baking/ texturing some of these.

  • SmilingMountain
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    SmilingMountain polycounter lvl 7
    Haven't got a massive amount to show for my efforts this week. I downloaded substance painter and had a go at texturig the tap and the screwdriver. It's an awesome piece of software for sure, looking forward to using it on future projects. I also had a go with Zbrush, since I haven't used it for ages. My sculpt ended up a little blobby but I had a lot of fun doing it. Going to start work on doing the lowpoly and texture for Aragorn's knife next.

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