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Animation Engine - Morpheme with Euphoria

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antonny08 vertex
I'm new in animation, I use Maya for animations, but i searched animation engines or tools about animation, so i found Morpheme with Euphoria and Ikinema Action.
So, Do you think about these tools?
I tried download Morpheme with Euphoria but i don't found a way.


  • Mark Dygert
    Morpheme and Euphoria are middleware, you don't use it to animate but it's a system of getting secondary animation baked into specific nodes (in Maya) so you're engine can use their other components to extract the data and apply it to the animation in the engine. Most engines have systems to handle this kind of stuff already. Unreal has AnimDynamics and Apex as well as support for blendshapes/morphs.
  • monster
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    monster Polycount Sponsor
    There are no downloadable demos for these programs. You have to sign up your studio for an eval. The full price can be upwards of $60K per software.

    Unity has Mecanim which is a light Morpheme. But Euphoria's dynamic motion is the real magic.
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