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Endritv polygon
Hey guys, I will be starting off by going for the covert skin, the ak-47, this is the weapon I use the most, and I would love to be able to play with my own ak-47! Will be posting progression pictures soon!
Finished product

Moodboard, with all the refference images used for the gun

First off I am starting off with the linework for the gun

I am contouring a very early, rough shape of the weapon, Next up I decide what kind of material and color I want to use for the gun.

I decided to go for a Bright red for the main body, which will probably still be mixed with a lot of different colors when moving forward, For the metal Lining I decided to go for a alluminium kind of texture. Note this is still a very early sketch of what I'm planning to do.

Moving on I started adding some smaller details, while experimenting with the direction I want to move forward in.
I made some line patterns to add some detail, and background to the gun. Maybe the badge with the white skull doesn't fit, so I might still remove that. 

I am liking how the colorscheme is turning out to be, I will probaby keep going forward with these colors.
Here is a top-down position of the linework I did for the alluminium.

Next up I removed some old concepts, and added some other b righter details, I feel like I'm going in a good direction, here is a quick render of how it's looking so far.

Next up I will be taking a break off working on the body, the grip needs some love! I need some sleep now, the skin is 40% done.


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