SpritePlane: a sprite sheet generator script for Photoshop

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Greetings, Polycount! Yesterday I finished my first somewhat serious piece of software.

It's a little script that converts this: c2MEB.gif into this: FDHsu.png

The resulting sprite sheets are ready for use in many game engines, such as FlashPunk, an amazing framework for Flash that we are using for our game. I was pretty tired of having to make them by hand, so I decided to automate the process. Mind you, I'm more of an artist than a programmer, and this is my first time releasing to public, but you'll see that the script came out pretty good. I'm also planning on developing it even further, to add features and improve usability.

You can grab it (as well as a detailed readme) here: https://github.com/mediochrea/SpritePlane

I do hope it makes someone's life easier! Critique and suggestions are very welcome. :)


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