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Introducing Amplify Motion - Quality vector based motion blur for Unity Pro

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Amplify Motion is a industry proven, complete and fast full-scene vector based motion blur effect that works with all opaque and coverage/alpha-test surfaces. It supports both stationary and moving objects as well as Skinned, Cloth meshes and non-transparent particle systems.
Capable of handling all translation and rotation on cameras or dynamic objects with efficient per-pixel vector accuracy and high-performance, even when dealing with large amounts of skinned meshes or physics based assets. Maintained and optimized for Desktops, Consoles and Mobile devices.

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What does Firewatch, Wasteland 2, Ghost of a Tale, The Forest, Road Redemption, p.a.m.e.l.a., Survive the Distance, Death Race, Power Drive 2000 or Verdun to name a few have in common? Visit our Customer Showcase and Product Page to find out.

Amplify Motion Overview

  • Full-scene quality vector based Motion Blur
  • Instant results, drag & drop, no coding required
  • High-performance and Mobile-ready
  • Camera and moving objects
  • Skinned and cloth meshes
  • Variable quality steps
  • Soft edge bleeding
  • Complete source code
  • For Desktops, Consoles & Mobile Devices
  • WebGL and Windows Store support
  • NEW! Basic Particle support
  • NEW! HDR support
  • NEW! GPU-based deformation; order of magnitude improvement
  • NEW! Massively improved runtime performance
  • NEW! "Optimize Game Objects" rig support
  • NEW! XboxOne and PS4 support

Quick Start Tutorial

Intermediate Concepts

Be sure to contact us if you run into any problems or if you have any questions regarding our products, we would be happy to help. You are all premium users to us, stay in touch, we would love to hear more about your work.​


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