Dr.No's lair- James bond UE4 Environment - need critiques

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Hey PC, long time no post. I've been chipping away at this enviro for my portfolio. I'm at a point now where I would like any feedback I can get on it. I still have some blockout geo in there for some props(lamps, bureau, bear rug). I also feel like it needs a lot more micro population. Things like books etc on the desk and some fruits and food on the dining. There's also a couple stock Epic things in there i still want to pull out,(the statue, the carpet)

I also would like your thoughts on whether or not I should stick slavishly to the movie set or just make it the most interesting enviro I can. I don't plan on showing the movie screen shots in my portfolio but I included them here for now. Basically what i'm asking is, is it better to just make a great looking environment or stay faithful to the original scene? I already went away from it by adding the vault door, I felt like the environment was lacking a main focal point once I blocked it out, but I would like to hear what people have to say on that topic. Anyway, enough talk, pics.

Thanks for your time.


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