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British Issues...

I was going to attempt to do some British skins for the competition, however, there seem to be some issues.

3 of the 11 specified vehicles are missing from the source files, in their entirety. These are the UC, A.V.R.E and the Crocodile.

Some of the source files are missing for many of the models/skins for the other vehicles, and some of the base diffuse maps appear to be different than the UV layout for the models used in substance designer, whilst others don't.

Seeing as Relic don't have any forums at the moment, I guess this is the best place to post such issues?


  • f_x
    The Brits were definitely painted in a completely different way than the rest.  I am not familiar with Substance Designer so I haven't even looked at the source files, so I can't speak about the uv differences you are describing.  But I can tell you about one simple thing that might answer your first question.  Some vehicles are just variations of a base model.  For example, the Crocodile (flamethrower) and the AVRE (short barrel) are just slight modifications of the Churchill.  So they share the same model and uv layout, fitting all the necessary pieces for all of them in a single map.  Paint one and you have them all.  The flip side is you can't have a unique texture for each, since presenting the different variations happens downstream in the game.

    Most of the other factions have one or two models where the same thing happens and a single texture feeds 2-3 separate vehicles in the game.

    I am not sure which Brit vehicle is the "UC".
  • Choccy_Starfish
    Yes, it appears the Churchill variants share the same skin. The UC is the Bren Carrier, the little scout vehicle you can build at the start of the game.
  • Lemonater47
    Can somebody maybe make some PSD's of the British maybe. As it seems relic actually expected the community to make PSD files of the British skins already to share around.
  • Yuriy
    I dont see a bren carrier . As for others -  "AVRE, Crocodile and Churchill share the same texture" 
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