[UE4]Free PBR texture Vol.01

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Hi,every body here.I made some of PBR textures for my UE4 scene.Now I share my textures and this is the first step of my sharing project.so,alright,let's begin introduction.

Download Link: https://gumroad.com/l/HEZvu
Also check on my artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artist/leesungwoo

File included
-12 PBR Textures(Albedo,Roughness,Normal(DX mode),AO) size:2048*2048
-1 sbs(Substance Designer)file

All these (procedural)textures are made in substance designer and I plan to get out next volume.You can tell what kind of textures you need,I will take some popular material that you asked and then add them into my next volume. 

About these textures, I didn't put my time into calibrate roughness.Because different engines have with bias on their reflection,You need calibrate roughness by your self depend on your environment or engine.So all my these textures just have basic balance of roughness(but it's quiet correct).

I know these texture are not full realistic,but it's effective.If you guys want full realistic texture just post your comment below.

Finally this is one of my little UE4 scene made with these textures.


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