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Possible Matcap/Color issues with zbrush dont know how to fix =(

polycounter lvl 2
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IrisHeart polycounter lvl 2
Hello I notice alot when watching Tuts that my matcaps never seem the same as the video even if i compare to the best quailty videos I can find ~.~
Is there a setting that I change that might be causing this or something I would love to fix this problem it bugs me alot...
He using the same Matcap I am but his look so much nicer..even if he edit his I run into this alot when comparing colors I even make sure white was color pick to make sure that the matcap wasnt being darken in anyway by it :s


  • SsSandu_C
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    SsSandu_C polycounter lvl 12
    well it might be that the video capture app might have some automatic brightness and contrast auto settings that are being applied. Might be that he used settings in the os to calibrate the monitor and added some contrast.  It just might be a slightly modified matcap. You can play around with matcap settings by going to the material menu and increasing the intensity in the modifiers panel.

  • IrisHeart
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    IrisHeart polycounter lvl 2
    Hmmm your probly right I should stop letting my OCD get the better of me and just ignore it, Thank you SSSandu!

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