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UDK Material Series: Part 1!

3dmotive.com continues to pump out the goods

Tyler Wanlass (you know him as gamedev around these parts) let us know that 3dmotive.com released the first in a series of UDK material videos by Ryan James Smith.

So its time to fire up UDK, PhotoShop and bunker down for a few hours while you drink from the fountain of awesomeness.

"In this video we'll take an introductory look at UDK's material editor. Once we've covered the basics of importing textures and creating our own materials we'll dive into creating some of the more common types of materials you'll encounter in today's games. We'll be creating metal surfaces with reflection, glass, blended materials such as rock and moss, a holographic animated material, and lastly realistic water, complete with animation, reflections and depth based effects."

So there ya go, you have a weekend... there are things you could be doing, and there are things  you should be watching to help grow your skill set. Just saying, its your weekend, make the most of it!



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