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Deus Ex 3 trailer sneak peak and more

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Excited about Deus Ex 3? Well we have some gorgeous sneak peak screenshots of the trailer scheduled for release on Friday 4th June and more goodies within.


Deus Ex 3

It's been many years since we were graced with the last Deus Ex game, and I'm for one excited about the new installment. Many of us have seen the debut teaser trailer and/or the GDC 10 teaser trailer (both available below) for the game, but we'll be getting a new one Friday 4th of June. Hopefully this one can give us a bit more insight to the story and maybe drop some in-game footage.

Until then, enjoy this sneak peak.


Images sourced from Kotaku


Debut Teaser Trailer

GDC 10 Teaser Trailer


Deus Ex 3 Official Website


MY DESK IS 8-BIT - Alex Varanese

"I recently found myself wondering what a video game might look like in the form of a stop motion animation. While a normal person's response to such a question would of course be "who gives a shit?" I possess few of the qualities typically associated with normalcy and was irrevocably compelled to find out. This is the result.

Also, I'd like to think I'm the first person to be inspired by Michel Gondry AND R-Type on the same project.."
-Alex Varanese


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