The Owlkar "Warcraft Style"

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Hey All! Just working on a new concept/model in the WoW style. Love the Game, Love the Art. I posted this not to long ago, but my time has recently freed up so I can progress on it! Heavily inspired by the change of the seasons. Autumn always brings inspiration. I found this image and started from there.


So from that, I decided to create a character inspired by some of the major things that I think of when Autumn comes to mind. Here is my concept of the Owlkar. I wouldn't call these a final concept, but it very much has the vibe I am going for.


Here is my first pass of the model. There are typology issues I will clean up on my second pass, but for now, the initial body silhouette of what I am going for is there. Just needed to hammer out the idea.


My next post should show my topology changes as well as pushing the silhoutte/proportion to make the character differentiate from the Worgen Model a bit more. I'm having such a positive experience with this design and man, it's just fun.



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