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lospri polycounter lvl 4
Hi polycount guys :-)

I wanna share you the progress of my final year school project. It will be a small strategic/fight game. I'm in charge of the creation of the Aliens who fights against human mercenaries. :)

Please give me some feedbacks and advices !

High poly sculpt:

[IMG]<a href= target=_blank>[/img]554126unite3final.jpg686473unite3final.jpg

Low poly version: 4000 tris, 1024 texture ( will probably fall at 512 or less in game )





  • Deathstick
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    Deathstick polycounter lvl 4
    I'm not 100% sold on the way his feet are currently handled, feels a bit too much like a foot that was stretched out with the move brush versus frog-like webbed feet, esp on the back of the foot.

    The outfit/straps themselves could use a bit more work as well. Currently they look a bit too jagged and thick to be moveable/comfortable straps.

    I'm digging it so far though, keep it up!
  • lospri
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    lospri polycounter lvl 4
    Thanks for your comment :-)
  • ChaosWWW
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    ChaosWWW polycounter lvl 5
    In addition to the feet, I'd say the legs themselves need a bit of rethinking. I'd look at the anatomy of an actual digitigrade animal and base it off of that, because the anatomy right now looks a bit random (just on the legs, the torso and arms look good).

    On the lowpoly it looks like you're fighting your baking a little bit on the armor. For example, there's some wonky looking stuff on the shoulderpads, but it's noticeable on all the armor. It'd be in your best interest to get that sorted out before you move too much further. Outside of that, the armor could use more textural detail.

    I like the design and the execution is pretty cool too, outside of the areas I mentioned. Keep at it.
  • BagelHero
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    BagelHero polycounter lvl 4
    You don't need to go so low with your textures and tri count. It's good you're thinking about it, but these days a 1024 map isn't a luxury. You can probably keep that...! The tri count is fine, you could make it easier on yourself if you spent a few more on the armour pieces, especially the little shell pieces. And the wrist guard in general.

    It's smart to keep things as low as you need to but up to 50k tris for characters hasn't been too crazyinsane for a few years now, and there are a number of games that have doubled that for hero characters now. I'm not saying go crazy with that, but spending a few more tris to really match a silhouette or define an area a bit better won't hurt you- 4000 tris is very low. However, I'm unsure of your genre, based on your non-standard description. FPS, Third Person, or Strategy or Fighting game...? If the camera stays at an angle and far away from the troops, then this level of optimisation may be justified.

    A grain of Salt with all of that if there's gonna be a lot of characters onscreen and you see them from far away, lol. :)

    Otherwise, looks pretty good. I feel you still need to get the hang of some of the sculpting tools to get the effects you're going for and avoid streakyness. Keep up sculpting! The ideas and some areas of this are very well excecuted. Your eye for form seems very good, too, I really like the sihouette of the torso from behind.

    Keep up the good work. Show off your final project when you can! :)

    (disclaimer, written on mobile)
  • lospri
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    lospri polycounter lvl 4
    Thank you very much for your comments guys :-)

    The final project will be like a board game ( Endless Legend for exemple ). The final game must run at 60 FPS on a PS3, with Fresh Engine ( those are a bit old ). And there will be about 10 characters on the "board" so we can't have more poly's on our characters... But it's a good exercice after all :-)

    I agree with a lot of your comments, I'm not comfortable with hard surface and texturing yet :-) But unfortunately I will not have enough time to change a lot of design and geometry. I'm in charge to make the models, the rigging and the animations, for 4 others characters until may :/

    I will share the progression and the final project with pleasure :-)
  • lospri
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    lospri polycounter lvl 4
    Hi guys :-) After the rigging of the froggy dude and all animations for the game, I've done the second character. He's supposed to be bigger and more powerful :-) The low-poly model is 2200 tris and 1024 diff/normal/spec (texture size will be reduce in game ) . And for the last image, I finaly decided to delete the hammer. I had a preference for natural strong and attacks ) :)

    Tell me what you're thinking about it :)




  • nickcomeau
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    nickcomeau polycounter lvl 3
    I like the style of the character! I would turn down the AO though(or what looks like an AO), it's creating a lot of black spaces in your textures which are a bit distracting.
  • lospri
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    lospri polycounter lvl 4
    Hi guys !

    My school year is over now. Let me show you my project.
    The game received the awards "most beautiful game" & "game of the year" from my school

    You can find the trailer here :

    and the gameplay demo here:

    So the project run on a PS3 at 60fps with the "Fresh Engine"

    Please tell me what do you think about it? :-)
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