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Greetings everyone. My name is Jeremy, and my submission is based on a very, very popular video game titled "Skyrim, the Elder Scrolls 5" I will be making a remake of the popular video game trailer shown below.
I wanted to create my own character, an African warrior character, instead of using Dovakin, the character in the trailer.

I will walk you through my journey, and how I will achieve the end result, I hope you enjoy :) All art was created using Iclone 6 and Photoshop.

My first process was to study the main character, the details, and what I wanted to achieve. I wanted to stay exclusively within Iclone. So, I managed to downlaod a free 3d model from Iclone's marketplace, and tweak the character to my satisfaction.

In Iclone 6, using Iclone's face creation, I managed to upload a facial image of an African warrior, tweaked it within iclone. After, I went into Photoshop to make necessary adjustments, added a few more layers and details, and also created a specularity map.

This is the original character.

More updates coming soon :)


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