[UE4] How to train your dragon : Viking Cliff House

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iFraude polycounter lvl 6
Hi there Polycounters :)

Having finished my last portfolio piece, I'm going to tackle something a bit bigger this time :


My aim on this one, is to approach the concept with a more realistic style, going for less saturated colors, and why not, some of the ambiance you can find in Vikings (TV show).

I'm going to use : Maya, Zbrush, Xnormal, UE4, Substance Painter & designer, maybe Topogun and Crazy Bump.

I'll regularly post news and screens as I progress in the making of that scene.

So, first and foremost, here's the breakdown of the environment :

Main Items


Wood planks and moss

Cliff Rawks

More rocks, with Guano, yum yum !

I'll be working on the polycount hangout most days (European time), don't hesitate to pass by and say Hi ! :D

See you next update ~


  • TGI
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    TGI polycounter lvl 3
    Seems like a cool idea! Looking forward to seeing your updates.
  • iFraude
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    iFraude polycounter lvl 6
    UPDATE #1

    Work Time : 4 Hours

    So, I got a little bit of time tonight to give the blockout a shot. I first wanted to give the Drakkar hull a bit of work so I could get it's proportions (kinda) right before nailing the rest of the scene quickly.
    This is what it gives after 4 hours of placing boxes around :p (don't mind the alien-ish rocks, it's maya sculpt)





    (I think I'll set a "image heavy" disclaimer on that topic... :p)
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    iFraude polycounter lvl 6
    UPDATE #2

    Work Time : ~7 Hours

    Yesterday and today have been a bit special. First, I finished blocking out the scene, caring a good deal on the main volumes. I'm pretty close to it now.
    Then, I Tried to figure out some workflow to get the job done faster on these very repetitive wood slabs there's in this scene.

    This is what I am going for (with repetitive objects) :

    - Loosely sculpt the item to give some interesting normals
    - Slam a tiled texture onto the model in substance designer.
    - Add some details and some weathering effects (this is the part where I'm still wondering. I wonder if I should add these post Substance designer or not. If I do, I could vertex paint some details in engine, such as moss or guano.)

    Since Substance Designer's Workflow is non destructive, I only have to change the detail normal of the specific Item I'm making to "texture" a new object. I guess I'll get more in depth in the next update.

    Here's what I've got so far :




    Cheers ! See you in a couple of days :)
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    iFraude polycounter lvl 6
    UPDATE #3

    Alright ! Time for a little update.
    It's been a hell of a couple of weeks, didn't have much time to work. During my free time, I started working on a Maya that automates the Pre bake steps such as :
    -Triangulating low poly
    -Applying smoothing groups
    -Creating the cage
    -Apply a cage material
    -Putting all the meshes into nice, neat groups :)

    If you're interested by the script, just ask me, I'll drop a link to it.

    I've also been working on the shields. I decided to take a procedural approach with substance designer. This is how I did it :

    I modeled 4 types of shields (4 wooden part, 2 trims, 4 metal thingies on top).
    Textured everything with substance designer and exposed a few options to change the crest automatically, the different colors, the opacity, the paint peeling and the wood underneath.

    Here's the result :)

    All these shields are 1 substance, there's 10 crests available, and all the colors of the rainbow :D


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