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The Pillars of Tyrall was a throne room built during the original King Tyrall's rule. The room was to signify that the King's royal advisers and the king himself were the foundation holding up the kingdom in which they ruled over. To show that the King himself could not do it all alone and that his most trusted companions would help the king share the weight of responsibility. King Tyrall had nine pillars constructed, the largest pillar for himself and eight other pillars to hold up the throne room with each housing a seat for his advisers. From then on each King afterwards would choose who would be seated within the Pillars of Tyrall. Kings had to choose wisely because if any adviser was untrustworthy and had their own plans that went against the king, the whole kingdom could come crashing down.

My vision is to have an oval shaped throne room with these pillars being a main focus incorporating throne seats. The kings throne will be centralized and elevated on one side of the oval to show importance. I'm toying with some idea to show the kingdom being "held up" by the pillars. Whether its a painting on the ceiling of the map of the kingdom ever growing or some type of globe. I'm going for something in the middle of ruined/medieval and greek/roman clean. Basically a noticeably used/old clean stone build, if that makes any sense. Still figuring out if I want windows and what they may show or how much exterior light they let in.

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    Overall reference for some awesome inspiration and some of what I'm going for. May still post some reference to get a better idea of the "holding up the kingdom" thing and/or lighting with windows or openings.


    Some very early concept ideas. General layout trying to get a feel of whether I want to have the King sit at a long or short side of the oval. Also some pillar ideas for the advisers and some thrones for the king. Mostly just getting some ideas out, but not completely sold on any of the kings thrones yet. Probably still gonna have some more throne concepts to come.

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    Blocking out sense of size, spacing, and scale of the throne room in UE4. Haven't decided on a solid ceiling idea in terms of shape and structure, but that is in large part going to be based on my decision of how I want to present my "world map" on the ceiling itself.


    Some reference images for my direction I'm looking to go towards for the world map. I have a few images in there depicting both a flat ceiling painting of a map or a suspended globe. The more I think about it and look at how I want to sort of "fill" the middle section of my throne room, the more I wanna lean towards a large suspended globe.

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    Finally decided to go with the large hanging globe from a domed ceiling. Also worked a lot on getting most of the low poly work on the adviser's pillars done. The current block chairs are just place holders as of now. The lighting right now as well is just placeholder, but at least has a solid idea of the color I'm looking for. Still not completely decided on what exactly my lights will be in the room or if there maybe windows in between each pillar in the walls.




    Next step will be getting the low poly of the King's throne and pillar very far along if not done and use the design of the King's throne as a basis for the more simplified versions for the advisers.
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    Some more concepts I put together using Alchemy to randomize some shapes for me and took them into photoshop and adjusted them into thrones. Wanted to get a wider range of variety of throne shapes and silhouettes. A few of these have some pretty intense designs within them that I don't plan on including, just were there from alchemy that I didn't want to waste time getting rid of.


    Need some opinions on which concepts would be best to build off of for my final throne design.
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    Been too long since I've updated this. Mostly been working towards getting as much of the low poly modeling done and placed within the Throne Room in UE4. Finally figured out a solid throne and flushed out the story behind the design a bit more. The king is symbolized in the throne room as the Sun. I will be adding on a lot of detail and decal work onto the throne in Substance Painter/Designer to represent that further. All of the king's advisers have similar shaped chairs to the king's throne but are smaller with no mantle and will not have any "Sun" detailing. Also added chains to hold up the globe, punched out some windows in the wall and added a placeholder door frame.

    After a very many tutorials I've watch from Allegorithmic's YouTube page on Substance Designer/Painter, I plan to dive head first asap and get to work on the Sun Throne, the globe, and a tiling texture for the wall.
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    Yes big gap between updates, but I wanted to get a good amount of my texture work done to see how it all flowed together and built my color palette together. Lots of first time Substance use in this, but pretty happy what I've accomplished with it.

    Texturing to still be done!

    -Ceiling Ledge
    -Cut out Window Frames geometry from Wall

    One thing that I have had trouble wrapping my head around and hopefully someone might be able to give me a solid answer within the next few days. What exactly is the best approach to utilizing Tiling textures on a circular model? Specifically if you look at my second image, I'm wondering about the best approach to using a tilable texture on the curved stairs. Or am I just better off creating a specific texture for the stairs?
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    Feel pretty awesome about where I've gone with this. This is still a preview light build. Few final things I have questions about that hopefully someone will be able to fill me in on.

    I haven't really set up any "beauty shots" in UE4 before and I was wondering how to best accomplish that without just hitting PRINTSCREEN button on my keyboard. Is there a specific rendering application within UE4 or a screenshot from camera function? Also, similar thing with setting up the Throne shot. How best would I setup my Throne isolated in UE4?

    I'll probably start looking at some of the submissions to see how other people got it done, but any guidance on this would be much appreciated.

    Thank you,

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    Final Screenshots! (Everything in my submission post)






    ...and that's all she wrote. :)
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    Congrats on finishing man!
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