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ART DUMP - Far Cry 4



  • Ged
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    Ged interpolator
    impressive foliage work! I guess its mostly alpha cards but the shading on it looks quite believable and the blending between pieces is really hard to see.
  • Shogun3d
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    Shogun3d polycounter lvl 12
    Great work guys, the game oozes with quality.
  • GC_Vos
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    GC_Vos polycounter lvl 3
    Very happy to see all of these assets and levels here! The foliage in FC4 looks absolutely gorgeous. Adam, may I ask if the next-gen trees are based on the same geometry and textures as last-gen/lower lods? Because they look significantly better.
  • Olli.
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    Olli. polycounter lvl 8
    wow those trees look spectacular! How on earth did you manage to capture the volume so well? I would love to see texture sheets / wireframes but i guess thats never happening :P
  • AdamLacharite
    Thanks for the great feedback! I had a lot of fun working on this project :)

    Yes I used SpeedTree a lot along with 3dsMax to create these assets and they are done with a completely different technique than the current gen version with different textures.
    My coworker Pascal De Sampaio worked on a lot of the textures and he will post some of his work here really soon!
  • xChris
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    xChris polycounter lvl 8
    PFL, sick stuff!
  • GRAT0R
    Hello Adam, The foliage looks so pretty. Could you tell us how did you manage the triangle distribution for those trees? also if you have any tips or resources on creating high quality low poly foliage would be really appreciated, found myself stuck on this process for the past few weeks
  • patrickvdk
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    patrickvdk polycounter lvl 2
    Oh man some amazing shiz right here! :)
  • Zieg_Reborn
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    Zieg_Reborn triangle
    I'd love to know what the average production times per assets are for you guys, considering UBI has the resources to allow you to dedicate time to put out such great quality. The vegetation especially in the game was very impressive, what were your average tri counts for the trees?

    Also, can you explain how you guys minimized overdraw with some of the vegetation assets? They look really dense and believable.

    As always, incredible work on the game all around.
  • Bee-Bee
    Excellent art dump guys! You guys have made me drool quite a bit. Thanks for sharing! :thumbup:


    I love how you've balanced your weathering, color palette, and humanization elements ( straps, tape, etc) on those weapons! Every time I see para-cord used on a game model optic, a tiny tear of joy forms on my cheek. ;) Seriously though, great job making these weapons look authentic, beautiful, and deadly all at the same time. They have a ton of personality!
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