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Tilapiatsu polycounter lvl 4
Very few people know that Poseidon is not the only king ruling over the
seven seas. Each spieces has it’s own leader. From the majestic Whale Queen to the inconspicuous Plankton King, they are legion to reign under the seas.
Let me show you the realm of the peaceful Anemone King.

I’ve always been passionate about the underwater world so it was obvious to me that it had to be the subject of my artwork.

Here is my inspiration board :



You can also visit my pinterest board: https://www.pinterest.com/tilapiatsu/underwater/

Software :

Substance Designer
Substance Painter


  • Tilapiatsu
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    Tilapiatsu polycounter lvl 4
    Here are some drawings and 2D concepts. In my first concept the global scale of the set was too large and the environment was too open.




    So I’ve switched to a more intimist space, and this will be the one I will work on.


    WIP Paint process :

  • elindell
    love the concept art, great atmosphere, can't wait to see it develop :)
  • Omega_math
    your concept is really cool !
  • Omega_math
    Your concept is really cool !
  • Tilapiatsu
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    Tilapiatsu polycounter lvl 4
    @ elindell & Omega_math : Thank you guys!


    I've made a blocking for my scene. Just basic shapes to place the main elements, to find the good structure. In this phase, I pay a lot of attention to silhouette and colors.
    I didn't have mutch spare time those weeks, so I'll just try to finish it in time.
    The next step for me is to export those blocking mesh in UE4 to play a little bit with the lights, and also to have everything in place to make the brige between XSI and UE4.
  • Tilapiatsu
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    Tilapiatsu polycounter lvl 4

    Here is the place holder meshes in UE4 with a bit of lighting.
  • Syros
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    Syros polycounter lvl 11
    cool, I can imagine how nice this will turn, nice 2D concept, well if you are interested check this out, may be you won't use it but it is cool, or you can utilize the idea of the corals glowing like flourscent, check it any way it's a nice video, hehe:
    cheers, keep it up dude \m/
  • Tilapiatsu
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    Tilapiatsu polycounter lvl 4
    Hey thank you Syros for those links. You've well understood my rough concept xD. I would realy try to get that mood of chiaroscuro underwater scene with tiny glowing anemone. For now I'm focusing on the main elements then I will produce all the tiny details.
    I'm a bit scared because the end of the month is almost there And I may not have the time to push it to the level of detail that I would like to.
    Thank you for your feedback !

    Here are some of the Zbrush high poly

    Next I will bake Normal, then place them into UE4.

    PS : Just another good reference https://vimeo.com/88829079
  • LunaZ
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    LunaZ polycounter lvl 3
    nice work. looking forward to the end result.
  • Geno527
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    Geno527 polycounter lvl 8
    I already love the style :D
  • Tilapiatsu
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    Tilapiatsu polycounter lvl 4
    Hi there,

    Sorry, The last update was about an eternity ago.

    I have imported all of the existed assets to UE4 with a baked normalmap computed in substance designer. No texturing at all, it's just uniform color for the base color, metalic and roughness.

  • Spoon
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    Spoon polycounter lvl 8
    Oh, nice atmosphere :)
    I think it would be nice to calm down the green, seems to pop a lot at the moment. Otherwise very tranquil and idyllic colors :)
  • Tilapiatsu
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    Tilapiatsu polycounter lvl 4
    This post may be the last one ! I'll try to post more process about the sand landscape material in unreal an also some graph about the vertex displacement for animating the anemone.
    The result is far from being perfect but i hope it could help someone.

    Here is my submission :

    The Throne :


    Some work I've done in Substance Designer :

    And the final result in Unreal Engine 4 :
  • Tilapiatsu
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    Tilapiatsu polycounter lvl 4
    I have made screenshots of some material functions and materials that I have made for the contest. especially for the sand material. Indeed, The sand needed a particular attention due to the fact that it is ubiquitous, it has to have an organic feeling, and also it is connected to all of the other elements in the scene. It had to stay malleable as every time I wanted to move an element I had to adapt the ground under it.
    So it was a good challenge to make something that looked real.
    For the case of the sand, Substance Designer was a huge benefit to me as I could design it in engine and directly see the result blended with all other textures. There was no back and foth with any texturing software, and it did helped a lot.
    Finnally I have used 3 different types of sand blended together depending on the slope angle of the ground and the height map generated by the substance engine.

    The first Material function is used 3 time in the Sand material to map the textures in WorldSpace :


    The Second Material Function is used to Tesselate the ground depending on the distance from the camera :


    The Sand material itself :


    Here is a simple Material Function to create basic animation for the anemone based on a noise texture :


    The contest is almost over ! Congratulation to all of you great artist for these wonderfull environements!
  • Tilapiatsu
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    Tilapiatsu polycounter lvl 4
    Hey everyone,

    I have made a quick video to show the scene :


    There is also a video to show the procedural sand substance possibility :


    You can download this substance here
  • Geno527
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    Geno527 polycounter lvl 8
    Thanks for those videos, I really love your scene, it's so cool to see everything in movement :)
  • Tilapiatsu
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    Tilapiatsu polycounter lvl 4
    Thank you Geno527 ! I've spent a bit of time to give life to the environement but unfortunately it is not really visible in the screenshots for the final submission ...
    Anyway it was interesting to do it!
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