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TOWER: Pirate Captain's Quaters

Hey there, so my idea for my floor is the cabin of a pirate captain. There will be tonnes of gold and other awesome pirate stuff. For the moment I am uploading my mood board with images a grabbed of google.

I will do some rough planning with pencil and paper next them get cracking on the fun part.


  • Amealia
    things are moving, not as fast as I would have liked but hey life gets in the way. Though I have managed to think more about my concept, while I will still be doing the pirates cabin I am going to place it under water as a ship wreck.

    Will give me more to play with. I have made my first asset which seemed fitting since I was at the beach this weekend.

    I have made a shark, he is very simple with googly eyes which is the look I was going for.

    There will be much more to come. ^_^
  • Amealia
    So today I have been fleshing out my room fundamentals. Some parts are a work in progress and others I am happy with at this point. I have done quick renders with default sun and sky for now as I like to see how it looks all lit and stuffs. Any who back to do more work.

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