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THRONE ROOM – The Hologram – Team Lumi

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I'm teaming up with my good friend to try and create something interesting and unique. After a week of discussions and brainstorming we ended up with the sci-fi setting. Star Wars, Visitors, The Chronicles of Riddick, Halo - were our sources of inspiration. And of course a ton or refs.


Some other ideas we wanted to explore:

ylfzPGV.jpg JX3o9Gj.jpg R8ddfmf.jpg lPmOpwY.jpg y3VCIEk.jpg BgUq4fW.jpg I4s31MS.jpg

Then we proceeded with basic story. Without it it would've been difficult to work on the environment. At the same time there's no need to develop it too deep. We're not creating a videogame.

A giant spaceship is traveling through space, scanning planets and solar systems in search of a special resource that acts as fuel or a life source for it. It is inhabited by the anthropomorphic society with totalitarian political structure and being controlled by an unknown intelligent being that appears before his ministers in holographic form. No one knows what his real appearance is and no one dares to find out. When a planet with the required resource is found the military fleet takes off to collect it all. After that the eternal journey continues.

Currently we are working on concept art, resolving technical questions and making stylistic choices.



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