A Practical Guide On Normal Mapping For Games

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As we all know, surely, that Normal Mapping isn't easy. There are a lot of problems that can emerge when you try to bake normal maps. I decided to start this guide after being enormously frustrated with the lack of information and the prominence of downright wrong facts on normal mapping. I, as most people, was always confused about this process and had to spend countless hours on searching forums for answers.

With this guide, I tried to encompass everything there is to know about today's process of creating normal maps for games and make it as simple to understand as possible.

The guide was inspired by Joe “EarthQuake” Wilson's work here in the Technical Talk. W

Right now it's Work In Progress, so there's bound to be a lot of mistakes on my part. If there's anything you want to see fixed or added, please inform me and I'll try to do what I can to fix it as soon as possible.

A Practical Guide On Normal Mapping For Games


It's a Microsoft Word document, if you download it and open in Word you will get access to Table of Contents, it's very useful.

Hope you like it :)


Jan.13 2015:
Added 3rd method of dealing with slanted details
Added a simple Troubleshooting section

Jan.11 2015:
Expanded a bit on Baking
Spelling, formatting

Jan.10 2015:
Added explanation of Tangent Space
Expanded a bit on floaters
Expanded on baking
Added UV overlapping section to Building Low Poly
Expanded on Slanted details
Added Table of Contents
Formatting, spelling


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