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Weird photoshop Image.12 extention

polycounter lvl 8
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Felixb polycounter lvl 8
Hi guys,

Yesterday I encountered something weird. Everything I save out of photoshop turns into a image.12 extention, which I can open on my laptop, but anywhere else the file is corrupted. I can't see the PSD logo anymore, it shows as a blank sheet of paper.
Does anyone else have experience with this problem and/or have a sollution to fix this?
I use photoshop CC.
I recently switched to CC, worked fine at the start, until yesterday.

Thanks in advance!


  • Xolo
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    Xolo polycounter lvl 10
    Image.12 extension? You mean the extension is "image.12" or "12"?
    Your screenshot shows no .12 extension?

    Based on the rest of your post where you say the file only works on your laptop I'd say your dealing with some form of local encryption who's runtime is running on your laptop and not on your other devices.
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