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News: No Richard Huddy at PDXLAN: DX-12 for Win 7 and AMD-MAntle for everyone

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just thought to share this with you guys since this has some relevance for the community (i think).
AMD's Richard Hubby spoke at the PDXLAN on current tech and on DX-12, Mantle and Freesync.
Core points
- Freesync Monitors: avaible (hopefully) december or january. One model already avaible that will patch Freesync in later. Up to 100 Bucks cheaper than G-Sync models.
- Mantle SDK will be avaible before the end of the year and is supposed to turn into an open standard. AMD is not pushing for licensing fees or licensing limitations so even Nvidia and Intel are free to implement it.
- DX 12 will not be release for Win 7. DX 11.3 will be responsible for the new GPU functions while DX 12 will handle the CPU functions, if Win 7 will see a release of DX 11.3 is unsure.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_3OAD-Dhs0


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    Does this mean AMD users will stop be treated as second rate citizens as well? :P

    I'm curious as to why they are not going after license fee's, other companies did that, is AMD trying to push itself competitively (kinda like UDK was to UE4) as a precedence so later down the line, they have a userbase to extent into a monetary system?
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    Anchang-Style polycounter lvl 7
    I honestly got no clue. I wanted to post it, because i thought the point of Mantle basicaly going GNU was kind of a big deal (despite me fucking up the thread title). Maybe AMD are trying to establish themself as the guys who give stuff away for the benefit of everyone and not pushing for tech that will only work for themself...a very naiv way of looking at things but considering that Pixar did so aswell i actually might believe so. As it stands...Mantle for everyone and i hope Nvidia makes use of it as do the console produce, since it's use was proven especially for lower end hardware a couple of times already.
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