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Teaming up / finding a partner

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Bek greentooth
So since this fancy new challenge allows for teams, I figured people will want to discuss their ideas in order to find a partner. Particulary someone that shares the same style / taste. Might as well consolidate all such discussion to the one thread.

I'm uncertain if I'll enter yet but I was thinking of doing a vehicle so this seems like a decent opportunity to do so. I was looking at the Fennek since it's such a boss in Arma 3 (particularly the Breaking Point mod). On the other hand, helicopters are also badass. Perhaps if a character artist will have me I'd be up for handling the vehicle side of things — but I'll need to think it over.

Anyway, this seems like an excellent opportunity for different sorts of artists to team up. Can't wait to see what crazy and creative entries emerge from you all.


  • JamesArk
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    JamesArk polycounter lvl 8
    I too am looking to do a vehicle, but I have next to zero experience with characters, which means if I do it myself it'll just be a robot or something. So if there's any interested character artists, feel free to message me. Very open to whatever sort of concept/style, I haven't thought much yet about a theme.
  • konraden
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    konraden polycounter lvl 8
    I can do characters, creatures and vehicles but Im not amazing at concepting so I would really like to team up with someone that can provide awesome conceptart thats doable in a reasonble amount of time. I can pass on the xb1/ps4 and I already got the Quixel suite. Im in it for the glory :)
  • R0gu3
    I'd Love to do a vehicle, if someone wouldn't mind doing a character. send me a message if interested.
  • tristanCarter
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    tristanCarter polycounter lvl 5
    I'm not sure yet about whether or not I want to participate, but if I do, I'd love working with another artist and bouncing some ideas around. It all depends on how the next week for me goes. If so, I have a couple ideas for what I'd like to do, but my focus lies mostly with characters, so the vehicle aspect is out of my comfort zone. If anyone still hasn't found someone to team up with in a week, and I decide to go forward with this, then PM me, or I might reach out.
  • s1dK
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    s1dK interpolator
    hi there guys, just want to say that i`m in for this contest, so ...if anyone is free to teamup and make the character/concepts...feel free to send a PM. Thanks
  • rockstar6
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    rockstar6 polycounter lvl 10
    Hey all, I'm also interested in join the contest but I dont't have a concept or character artist to team up with. Anyone interested? :)
  • PaperTig3rs
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    PaperTig3rs polycounter lvl 3
    Ready to get started on the project! Looking for a character artist. Send me a message if you would like to team :)
  • DrunkShaman
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    DrunkShaman polycounter lvl 10

    I have roughed out the character concepts and about to start the vehicle concept today and finally the final-th concept with the prop exposure. I do plan to enter this contest and finish it. It would be good to have a second pair of hands on this one, so feel free to PST if you'd like to join.


    Kind regards.

    EDIT: I havent posted anything yet because I didnt make the final concept, but I would be happy to show you my concepts.
  • Ithoual
    Hi guys!

    I can do 3d character, concepts and I can handle the vehicle as well but I just won't be able to make the environment. So if anyone wants to work on environment I'd be glad to team up! For now I'm on this but I'd be really glad to tweak the overall concept if someone is motivated to push the idea further!

    Thx and good luck !
  • sunny fernando
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    sunny fernando polycounter lvl 5
    Hi I can do characters and since I don't have time to do the whole thing I can partner up with someone here so he or she can take care of the vehicle.I have a solid vision and some concepts done for the character. Please PM me soon so we can get started.

  • Stiffler
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    Stiffler polycounter lvl 6
    I'll offer my character skills to anyone who can come up with a vehicle and some solid concepts. I'm not real skilled at vehicle hard surface, and I don't have time to concept out a character, but I'll build one for you! It'a a great contest, I just don't have time to full invest in ALL assets.

    Please drop me a line if anyone wants a character built!
  • badger5
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    badger5 polycounter lvl 5
    I would like to team up with someone, I can do a vehicle or environment hit me up and we can talk ideas.
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