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Best engine for moba games?

This question is asked by my frend, me and he like all young heat-head boys have dream to create some ultra popular game. Please spare me of classic shit there is no best tool, just say what is better in your opinion.
Graphic should be betwin lol and dota 2.
Moba games are: lol, hon, dota and such.


  • HammerFist3D2D
    Forgot to say he have expirience in pascal and c++. But 0 with tools like unity and udk.
  • passerby
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    passerby polycounter lvl 10
    Stupid question is stupid,can be done equally as well in most engines.

    Unity and udk are very flexible engines with fast workflows but valve did proof with dota 2 that it can be done with the old source, tech.

    Though your not going to outdo the existing compititon in this genra of game. I know that as a fact, since the big players are into it now.
  • HammerFist3D2D
    I heard something like better stuff can be done with udk,
  • imperator_dk
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    imperator_dk polycounter lvl 10
    I heard something like better stuff can be done with udk,

    They should use that quote when they sell the engine!
  • HammerFist3D2D
    They should use that quote when they sell the engine!

    hahaha, I am listening some sad music and ofc I was in big sadness, then I saw ur post and ur avatar and u automaticaly bringed smile my face xd. Thank u man. Anyway post was much much longer and detailed but my crappy mobile didnt sent entire message and I am to lazy to write twice.
  • Jason Young
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    Jason Young polycounter lvl 10
    I would recommend Unity to him. I think he'd probably be able to get more done quickly using C# in unity vs unrealscript. Should be pretty easy to pickup for him with a programming background.
  • jRocket
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    jRocket polycounter lvl 16
    Unity's networking is terrible. You want a proper client server approach with unreal or source.
  • Polymiron
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    Polymiron polycounter lvl 7
    Just use whatever these guys used.

  • Neox
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    Neox hero character
    out of the box, udk has better tools for artists, but usually coders dislike unrealscript, a lot.
    you can get unity to look great it will be a bit more work, but it does work.
    right now with udk based on unreal 3, i'd also say go unity. We will see how the next iteration of the engine will change this.
  • Ace-Angel
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    Ace-Angel polycounter lvl 7
    I'm a little confused.

    If you don't know UDK, then take a few reads on it, to learn how to use it, and if you're going to do serious networking, then you will need to buy a license.

    Unity voids the license issue entirely, but has limited visual quality without the license, opposite of UDK kinda.

    At the same time, as others mentioned, Valve proved they could take an old engine that many people curse at, and be essentially the golden standard for new DOTA games.

    Neither is better then the other, since you're the middle man here, you're the one that needs to read up the information and judge what is best for your skillset, YOUR SKILLSET, or at the very least, go to a more technically savvy forum to see what area you can have a better affinity with more technical explanations. Hell, for all I know your friend can grasp information quickly and be able to create his own small scale engine for your needs.

    Graphical comparison also doesn't make sense, LoL doesn't use Normal Maps and is pretty much your small scale Diffuse Only setup, with DOTA2 being the most complex (take a look at their documents), but again, these aren't limited to engines, it's limited to you and what you want to do, you can very well just create a diffuse only setup in UDK, or mimic the setup they have from Valve, or even do some other insane stuff.

    As much as you would like a quick and direct answer, there isn't, it's because you're the middle man here that is creating the product, not us.
  • DInusty
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    DInusty polycounter lvl 13
    as strange as it may sound the editor blizzard made would be pretty good for it. they are betaing custom 3d assets now the same way they get things working. that in combo with the fact that the blizzard editor is very robust seems like a no brainer to me. does require starcraft 2 and also im sure u cant sell ur work..
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