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VG Remix - Metroid Fusion

Hey Polycount for my VG Remix entry I will be creating a low poly scene of the Ridley boss battle from Metroid Fusion.


I want to capture a mid battle shot showing Samus shooting up at Ridley as she narrowly dodges Ridleys's tail attack in a similar pose to this:


For the environment I would like to create a circular version of the room seen in the screen cap at the top of the post.

I have already created the Samus and Ridley models, finished my first UV passes and have made a basic rig for Samus to start playing around with some poses.

Samus Ref:


Samus Model(498Tris):


Samus's colour palette to that of the gravity suit you have at this part of the game (Purple Suit in this image)


Ridley Model (500 Tris):


My next step is to pose the characters, begin texturing and block out the environment.

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  • FlashL
    Solid start! Keen to see your progress. ( :
  • Afrodiet
  • Jake Higgs
    Posting a quick update have done most of my texturing on Samus and Ridley. Im experiencing some issues with sketchfab so ill be posting some Ridley stuff soon.

  • Jake Higgs
    Hey guys posting a quick update. I was having some issues with opacity maps in Sketchfab but I finally found the solution! Here is a block out of my scene. In the final stretch I still have a couple of things to polish such as Ridleys opacity map, Samus's pose and I want to add some cool effects such as the ground being smashed by Ridleys tail, Samus shooting Ridley and something more interesting underneath the platform . Hope I can get it all done in time!
  • Jake Higgs
    Hey Guys super early morning update. Have been up late doing some work and the diorama is finally coming together. Still need to sort out the white edges around Ridley's Opacity map and polish some other textures. I also still need to give the wave beams a sense of movement and think about when each shot was taken and how far it would have traveled by the time Samus reached the pose she is now in.

  • Jake Higgs
    Hey guys final update before submitting. What you see here is pretty much it im going to polish up Samus and Ridleys diffuse then submit. Couldnt get some of the effects and extra things that I wanted to work in the scene so Im going to scrap them.

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