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Hey everyone,

I've been doing a number of illustrations which involved a lot of alignment to perspective recently (architectural things basically) and caught myself on hating to draw all those perspective grids. I've googled a bit and found Epic's Carapace utility which was created for making of the perspective grids. Unfortunately, it doesn't work on Macs which I'm used to, so I've decided to make something similar, but within Photoshop.

That's how the Perspective tools were born.


I'm using them for two months already and I think I polished them enough to share with everyone who struggling with grids like me.

What can you do with them:
- one point perspective grid from PathTool point
- one point perspective grid from intersection of paths
- parallel grids
- quick recoloring to red/green/blue (x/y/z)
- restoring paths and path points from grid layers

Here's a video with demo and download link, I hope that'll be helpful to someone.
This should work on CS6 and CC, can't say about CS5 and lower though.

Kind regards,


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