Zbrush Poly Paint, Displacement Problems

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s1dK greentooth

I`m testing MatCap baking from Zbrush to Xnormal, everything goes normal until i bake the displacement map. Only polypaint the texture bakes very well in xnormal and shows very nice in 3ds max, but when i bake the polypaint data with displacement to take the matcap, in 3ds max i have some ugly cuts in my texture. Can someone help me with this ? Please!

EDIT: Forgot to mention, i used GUVTiles in Zbrush and the object is a simple cilinder.


  • cryrid
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    cryrid polycounter lvl 8
    You're never really going to get a good result baking matcaps. Any lighting information they contain becomes static, and the direction of the lights will be based on the UV orientations (so chances are for anything other than a plane, you're going to run into mismatches somewhere along the way).

    If the appearance of the matcap is important to the look of your model, you'd probably be better off creating a custom shader/material that includes it.
  • s1dK
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    s1dK greentooth
    Thanks for the answer mate, its not important for the model, just wanted to see if i can have a clean bake restult with MatCaps, i`ll stick just with the polypaint data then. Thanks again.
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