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Drifters RPG Recruiting (Expanding Team)


Drifter is a Single Player Demo story based on Drifters MMORPG Storyline. This Game is being developed by an newly found Indie Game Team. Team Name isn't finalized but there are current going under Ultimate Eclipse studio logo and team is call Ultimate Eclipse Game Studio.

This game is a sub storyline of the original game called Drifters: Legend of Ultar. This Sub Storyline is about the first set of pirates who washed up on the shores of Avalon. In this epic adventure players will be in control of Eric, a Vice Captain aboard the Ecuador, which was a pirate ship belonging to the Burning Sun Pirates. This Tech Demo will take players on an epic adventure fighting Deadly creatures, and Bad-ass Bosses. The main point behind game is to show off some of our MMO ideas and environment features and such, giving players a taste of the MMORPG Vision or in other words this is our Tech Demo of MMORPG.

Tech Demo Title: Drifters: Prophecy and Destiny
As the three (3) Burning Sun Pirate ships are returning to their hid out from a successful treasure hunt they encounter an other pirate crew (3 Ships) who quickly engaged them into a brutal sea battle. As the six (6) ships battle it out on sea a dreadful supernatural storm developed right on top of them and as the surviving ships try to flee there are sucked into abnormal whirlpools caused by the storm.

Eric washes up onto the shores of this mysterious island, clueless as to where he was or where to go he heads in-land in hopes of meeting civilization or his pirate crew. As Eric venture into the forest of this unknown island he soon notices the island had this strange evil feeling reminding him of an evil place he had been to a few years ago, as he ventures deeper and deeper into the forest he comes across very strange yet beautiful plants which he has never seen before. After a while of wondering around he comes upon a old village ruins where he encounter a beautiful Native girl Named Elena who was in trouble, Eric quickly helps her then afterwards the girl ask Eric to accompany her to her village. Thus Eric makes is journey to the village that will change his life forever, as Eric get deeper and deeper into the forest sees more strange plants and creatures he then figure out he wasn’t dead, he isn’t dreaming nor was he in his world anymore but rather he was in a place he remembered from a story his sister use to tell him when he was a child, the story of “The God of The Eclipse“, “Eden” the Eclipse God who was sealed away deep into the Island of Avalon.

Finally Eric and Elena reached her Village, and Eric was brought to her Father the Chief of the village who then had a long conversation with Eric in which Eric then learns about the Prophecy of the Drifters. A prophecy Created by the Ancestors who gave their life to stop Ultar the Sub-God (Sub-God means mortal being with godlike powers) of Darkness from resurrecting Eden. The prophecy reads:

“Men Will come from beyond the seas, from beyond our world, they will wash up on the shores of our beaches. You must Name them Drifters, only they posses the power to either stop or free Ultar. The Drifters will determine the faith of both our world and there’s,”

The then tried to convince Eric that this was his destiny but Eric holding on to the reason for becoming a pirate refuses to help them but rather wants to get back to the seas to continue his search for this mystery person. Thus the Chief told Eric the only way he getting off island is if he helps them win a war, having no choice Eric was pulled in the most horrific, terrifyingly scary, ruthless, blood rushing war he has ever seen.

And thus the Prophecy of the Drifters Begins, or so we thought.


Game Type:
-> Fantasy
-> 3rd Person
-> Action Oriented Role Playing Game

WIth gameplay style like guild wars 2 or tera online. Players will be engaged in a fast pace action combat, wielding powerful spells or skills, in this world of magical creatures. Because the pirates are new to the world, the game will have around 10-15% pirate related stuff which washed up from the ship wreckage, within MMORPG the percentage goes up as the pirate are washing up faster and been on the island awhile longer.

What we will be building is an RPG TECH DEMO of the MMO game NOT the FULL MMO GAME ON THE UDK. It is possible but it’s a lot of stress no one has time to put up with.

Game Features
These are the list of features with in demo.

-> Fast Pace Action Combat. Players will engage in a fast paced battles with enemies and bosses, where speed, dodging and strategy counts.

-> Different Class fighting styles. Players will have to learn and perfect his or her fighting style with the selected Character Class Game has 2 basic fighting systems Range and Close-Combat.

-> 3 Character Class:
-> Warrior Class. Players will have access to Knight of Warrior Class, which is a Close Combat fighter who uses Sword, Shield and Skills to dominate Foes. Knights are front-line fighters who are fast and strong soldiers who rush their foes using sword and shield.
-> Ranger Class. Players will have access to Archer/Hunter of Ranger Class, which is a Long Range fighter who uses Bow, Arrow and Skills to dominate Foes. Archer/Hunter battles their foes at a distance but is at a disadvantage when their foes close in, and often attempt to evade or restrain enemies so that they can continue fighting from a safe distance.
-> Mage Class. Players will have access to Elementalist of Mage Class, which is a Long Range fighter who uses Powerful Spells to dominate Foes. Elementalists can only summons the powers of , Air, Fire, and Water/Ice and command them at will. Also summon supporting to offensive elemental creatures to fight alongside them. They are very powerful in Offensive Spell Attacks but can be overwhelmed by enemies due to their physical frailty and minimal armor. (Earth and Lighting element will be added ot MMORPG)

-> Spell and Skill. Players will have access to around 25 powerful spell or 25 powerful skill depending on the classes which can change the tide of battle and will heavy determine the outcome of battles.

-> Crafting and Material Gather (Basic systems, Advance system goes into MMORPG). Players will be able to gather around 27 different materials via mining and harvesting, also from enemy loots or purchase from merchants which they can use to craft from enchanted- unique Weapons, armor, our crafting materials and consumable items.

-> Large Terrains. Players will have large terrains to explore and discover hidden treasures and such, thus giving you tons of things to do and achieve in this demo. List of levels below.
Level 1: Beach, Forest Path 1, Mushroom field, Mushroom Forest
Level 2: Village ruins, Forest Path 2, Fairy Trees Area 1, Tree passage
Level 3: Native Village
Level 4: Travels Pass, Fairy Trees Area 2, Tree Grunt Layer, Troll Encampment
Level 5: Karma Spring, Dark Pass

Beta Version Full Features will be release at a later date when we finish Single player and mover from royalty to paid. (After funding)

Our Plans In team:

We will release this Single Player tech demo, and then release a DLC package (containing new maps, skills, spells and extended storyline to single player mode) along with the Multiplayer Beta version Later. These 2 Games will raise the funds to finish full MMO Game.

Note: The DLC and Beta version will be made from funding gained from the Single player Release.

What Can You Get Out Of This Project?

While we cannot directly pay you for your services and help, there are still many ways in which you will be rewarded.

->More experience in your area of expertise, as well as in other areas as you work with our team.
->You will gain friendships that won't be forgotten. Here at U.E.G, while we are quite serious about our work, we spend a lot of time having fun talking with each other and developing new friendships.
->Your portfolio will grow in size and skill.
->Ability to improve in areas that you may have wanted to improve on, but haven't had the help or time to.
->Royalty percentage once we sell game!
->Or payment once we get funded!

What we have Accomplished Thus Far:

-> Beach level is 90% finish (Just like dead leafs, branches to drop on floor of level all other aspects finished)

Character Modeling (without Animations or Rigged)
-> Knight Armor set
-> Traveling Priest
-> Priestess Elena
-> Main Character Base Model (Adding final tweaks and such)
-> NPC Base Model (Need some tweaks and touch ups)
-> Fairy Female 1

Creature Modeling (without Animations or Rigged)
-> Mushroom grunt
-> Spider 1 (Still have no name but its the long range spider who spit acid)
-> Wolf 1 (Still have no name)

-> Basic Camera Adjustment
-> Basic Character Movements
-> Simple Inventory Display
-> Enemy AI Roaming and Track and Attack

Music Composing
-> Secret of the Mushroom Forest
-> Cinematic Intro BG music
-> Beach level BG Music
-> Theme Music

-> Fire Ball
-> Fire Wall
-> Ice Shard
-> Magma Bomb
-> Magma Blast

Environment Concept Arts
-> Beach
-> Forest Path
-> River Side
-> Hidden Tree House
-> Mushroom Field
-> Mushroom Forest

Character and Creature Concept Arts
-> Pirate Eric (Main Character)
-> Priestess Elena (Main NPC)
-> Knight Armor
-> Elementalist Armor
-> Spider 1, 2, 3 and Boss
-> Wolf 1 and 2
-> NPC Female Outfits
-> NPC Male Outfits

Ultimate Eclipse Game Team Members:

D’jarni Braithwaite -> Story Writer, Head Project Manager, Game Designer

Conept artist
Victor Lammert -> Environment Concept Artist
Wong -> Character Concept Artist

Demar Swack -> Co-Project Manager, Lead Programmer, (Temporary Inactive from team due to injury)
Christian Stewart -> Network Programmer, Unreal Script Programmer
Benjamin "Evan" Cowles -> Programmer
Michael Bui -> Unreal Script Programmer
Colby Callahan -> Unreal Script Programmer (Temporary Inactive)
Cory Harris -> Unreal Script Programmer
stephen hidalgo -> unreal script programmer (Temporary Inactive)

Character Modelers
Dario Furlan -> Character Modeler (Temporary Inactive)
Aris Dragonis -> Creature Modeler
Nestor Villegas -> Character Modelers
Rohit Singh -> Character/Creature Modeler

SOund Team
Erik Gustavsson -> Sound Effect Designer (Temporary Inactive)
Johan Olsson -> Sound Effect Designer (Temporary Inactive)
Luciano Giacomozzi -> Music Composer
Tom Stoffel -> Music Composer

Environment team
Tin Le -> Lead Environment Artist/Level Designer
Alexandra Cristina Dogaru -> Environment Modeler
Josephine Burke -> Environment Modeler
Michael Tolan -> Assest Modeler

Other Members
Shane Ryan -> VFX Artist

Temporary Inactive means that the member has asked to step out for a while to get personal thing in check or finish up a freelancing gig and then come back to work)

New Works
All Images can be found here :http://www.indiedb.com/games/drifters-prophecy-and-destiny/images
Temporary Site: http://drifters.ultimate-eclipse-studios.com/

Latest Vids
All Vidos can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/user/DriftersRPG
Short Level Teaser
[ame=" Log 02 - YouTube[/ame]

Alpha Gameplay video:
[ame=" Prophecy and Destiny Alpha Gameplay Vid #1 - YouTube[/ame]

What We Are Looking For:

All we urgently need now are Animators, GUI Artist, More Environment Modelers and Lead Character Artist.

2D GUI Artist (Need Urgently) (0/1)
-> Ability to create Good and Creative UI Designs
-> Knowledge of Flash and Scaleform is a plus (Not Required)
-> Action Script is a plus (Not Required)
-> Portfolio Essential

Environment Artist (0/4)
-> UDK Knowledge
-> Ability to Create 3D Models for Environment Props
-> Ability to work with concept art as a basis for creating the 3D models
-> Make low-poly to high-poly models
-> Other Modeling area is a plus (not required)
-> Portfolio is Essential

Level Designer (0/2)
-> Good Knowledge of Kismet
-> Knows how to design levels (you will be assisting Tin le)
-> Knows Basic of Unreal Script is a plus (not required)
-> Portfolio is Essential

Character/Creature Modeler (0/4)
-> Ability to Create 3D Models for People and Creatures
-> Ability to work with concept art as a basis for creating the 3D models
-> Make Low-Poly to High-Poly models
-> Animation/Rigging Knowledge would be extremely awesome. (not required)
-> Portfolio is Essential

Lead Character Artist (need urgently)(Still Open)
-> Ability to work with concept art as a basis for creating the 3D models
-> Good skills in character/organic modeling and texturing
-> Ability to maintain a solid workflow and art style
-> Animation is a plus (not Required)
-> Portfolio is Essential

Weapon Modeler (0/2)
-> Ability to Create stunning 3D Models for weapons
-> Ability to work with concept art as a basis for creating the 3D models
-> Make low-poly to high-poly models
-> Other modeling fields is a plus (not required)
-> Portfolio is Essential

Animators (Urgently Need) (0/3)
-> Good skills in Animation
-> Must know how to Rig
-> Knowledge in UDK Animtree
-> Modeling is a bonus (Not Required)
-> Portfolio is Essential

Unreal Script Programmers
-> Must have Proficient UDK knowledge and Experience
-> Unreal Script Knowledge is imperative and/or Kismet
-> Ability to work with us to make our interesting Gameplay for this RPG
-> Experience is imperative, in RPG games specifically would be amazing

VFX Artist (Not needed as urgently at the moment)
-> Must Know to Create Stunning VFX in UDk
-> Must know Basic Prop/Object Modeling to Aid in VFX (Like for Ice Spells, Earth Spells Etc)
-> UDK Knowledge is a must
-> Portfolio is Essential
If any VFX artist who works in udk would like to join you can email us your portfolio and we will get back you with a decision.

Major Requirements:
-> Must be active on skype, able to make regular communication and be reach if needed urgently to discuss matters.
-> Must have at least 20 hours a week to contribute. We are only interested in people who can actually do that. Many of our core team already put in 30+ hours a week, so you will need to keep up.

Why a are we asking for a Lead Character Artist, currently the Game Designer is managing and doing task planning with character modelers with the help of the more talented Character. A lead Character Artist will be asked to do contribute more time and be online more often.

How To Apply?
If you would like to join our ever growing team, you may contact me via one of these options:

Skype: djarni.braithwaite (Preferred Option)
Email: [email protected]

Note Again: We will be only creating a RPG Tech Demo of our MMO on the udk not the Full MMO.

Other social Areas:
http://drifters.ultimate-eclipse-studios.com/ (Temporary Site)

Feel free to Ask questions here or make discussion about our game we would love to have your feedback and talk to you more about game.
(Avoid any discussion about the engine relating MMO as that's something left for future and also beta version plans as we mention beta version plan will be exposed to public at a later date.)


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