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Hi all! I've been going through 30+ resumes and portfolios and making notes, so I just did a HUGE info-dump on Twitter giving artists advice on resumes and portfolios:

Resume tip #1: Including your location is a must. Home address isn't necessary.
Resume tip #2: When applying, specify the job title you're applying for. Make sure it's industry-standard, not something weird or made-up.
Resume tip #3: If your resume is light on experience, I personally like seeing skills up front..
Resume tip #4: It's "3D Studio MAX," not "3D MAX!" Even pros get this wrong, and most don't care, but this drives me up the wall!
Resume tip #5: Only one typeface, and keep consistent font sizes. One resume I saw got smaller and smaller text 'til the end!
Resume tip #6: Since spellcheck won't check most software names, make sure you proofread them carefully.
Resume tip #7: Clickable email and portfolio links in your PDF resume is a great thing to do!

Portfolio tip #1: If all you have is in your folio is classwork, and you graduated 1+ year ago, it looks like you stopped trying.
Portfolio tip #2: I like embedded demo reels, just make sure they're big enough to see! i.e. not 320x240.
Portfolio tip #3: Having an "About" page on CGSociety with your full name and whatever nickname you use makes finding you even easier.
Portfolio tip #4: If you create a character of a different race than yours, ask honest friends if it's unintentionally, hilariously racist.
Portfolio tip #5: Test your portfolio in all browsers and resolutions, especially if you're embedding video.
Portfolio tip #6: I prefer seeing reels on Vimeo instead of Youtube. I just saw a full length softcore Indian porn movie as a Recommended Video.
Portfolio tip #7: A Blogspot page is not a portfolio.
Portfolio tip #8: A Wix page is not a portfolio. Wix is the Photoshop lens flare of portfolio hosts.
Portfolio tip #9: ENVIRONMENT ARTISTS! Dude, EVERYBODY MODELS ANGKOR WAT! Do the temples in Bhutan or something off the wall instead. Be creative!
Portfolio tip #10: Full Sail and Animation Mentor grads -- when you graduate, use a new character model! It's great to learn on, but I see it *everywhere.*
Portfolio tip #11: It's not strictly necessary, but it's always nice to get a Not Safe For Work warning before poppin' out some boobs.
Portfolio tip #12: If you EVER autoplay music, I will find out where you live, burn your house down, and salt the earth.
Portfolio tip #13: You need a website in addition to just a reel, because it's easier to update with new content.
Portfolio tip #14: When crediting people for assets used in your folio or reel, make sure you spell their names correctly.

will keep updating. Very good info!


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