~~Sci-Fi Light MachineGun LMG~~ (Based on a concept from Bungie's new game "DESTINY")

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ikMZHWXOx5Uuc.pngI was watching Bungie's world-building GDC talk for their new game Destiny. During the presentation, they showed some thumbnail concepts sketches for various weapons that some of their artists made and I liked one of the LMGs:

I am not sure who made it, (Looks a little bit like Isaac Hanaford's work?) and this one-side low-res video screencap is all I got to work with :\

So I opened up Max and blocked out some variants to see how its shape works out in 3D:

ikMZHWXOx5Uuc.pngSome proportions are a bit funky and certain aspects of this thumbnail concept dont really translate that well into 3d, but it should still be fun challenge. Namely, the back portion of the gun is very ambigious about how thick it is and all the details. I got some free time this weekend, so I think I might take the whole thing and make it a nice high detail sub-d mesh. Then I might take the model into nDo2 to add some normal map details and possibly texture it in dDo as well.

It's certainly an interesting concept and it certainly leaves enough to the imagination.

Day 4:

Got most of the high poly modeled out (Except the scope, that's placeholder) I'll have to go through and make the bevels more consistent.


Also got started on the low poly.

Day 3:

Worked on the back half of the gun.

The Top panels, underneath the scope and the center part of the gun above the magazine are placeholder so far:


There wasn't much detail in the back half of the gun's concept so a lot of it is just stuff I improvise...

I got a feeling I will have to do a lot of FFD work in the back half to make the proportions fit, as right now its pretty thin. Probably should have figured this out earlier in the blockout :-/

Day 2:

Here's what I got done on monday, I can't work all that long on it today, I got other work to do:



DAY 1:

Here's what I had after working on it over sunday:


(It's been a while since I last modeled Sub-D, so I was a bit rusty and this took my quite a bit of time)

Crits, Comments?


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