Help Vertex Snap in UDK???

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JGreentheRookie polycounter lvl 5
Is there any Vertex snap in udk?

Right now i have my Unit setup in max at: generic Units, System Units at Inches,

And my 3 Tile Walls that are all individual but fit perfectly together in max when I snap them to each other.

The grid and snap settings in max have grid points, and vertex checked.

And in the home grid tab I have the grid spacing set on 1. The major lines every Nth grid line set on 10 and perspective view grid extent on 7.

When I export my objects the pivot lies on the corner vertex of the object.

And when I import them into udk they never snap perfectly to the edges as the do in max.

WHAT AM I DOING WRONG???? :poly127: :poly127: :(


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