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Lunar City 7 - One Texture Environment

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ladyknowles polycounter lvl 7
Hey guys!

Haven't posted in a while (Been really busy nearly finishing up at university), thought it was about time to post my newest work and get some feedback.

Basically for one of my modules of university I had to take two themes and create a product for it. I decided to take Doctor Who and Retro Futurism and create a set which would be used for one episode in the TV show. The basic idea was that Lunar city 7 is a place where the last of the humans have escaped after the earth was destroyed. after the final invasion of the daleks, the humans tried to contact the doctor, but appeared that he had disappeared from the universe. lunar city 7 is a facility used by the humans to search for the doctor, while trying to rebuild their lives. /WHONERDOUT

So with a lot of the stuff in my existing portfolio not having tight restrictions, I decided I needed to push myself. I'd seen Tor Frick's level and was intrigued by the ability to create something so fantastic while challenging. Same with Wiktor Ohman who I have to thank for all the help!

So here's some still WIP screenshots!

ESZKPKg.jpg - Textures use RGB and alpha channels.

O9cvQIf.jpg - Material


  • alexk
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    alexk polycounter lvl 12
    Awesome work! not much else to say :)
  • mats effect
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    mats effect Polycount Sponsor
    Looks great, one of the cooler single texture environments I have seen :)
  • st3rv
    Looks really nice as a whole, really impressed by the fact its a 1 texture job. My only criticism would be that the stairs look too angular in contrast with the rest of the scene, I recon it would work better if you had the railings on the stairs designed more like the railings across the middle of the room. Still a quality bit of work though :)
  • Wesley
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    Wesley Polycount Sponsor
    I really love this sort of stuff. A couple of things that jumped out at me. On the last image, the pipes on the walls, are their UV seems out there bein' all visible? Just spin those round. Also the plants seem to be the weakest texture of this whole thing for me. But props for trying to do vegetation in a one-texture scene! :D
  • odd_enough
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    odd_enough polycounter lvl 9
    Really well done! Love the tie-in to Dr. Who :D

    Edit: The text lights of the top half of the last image... The bloom looks blocky. Not sure if that is intended or an artifact of tiledshot.
  • Amatobahn
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    Amatobahn polycounter lvl 7
    Swell work! Is there a reason why one base of the lights on the first image is white?
  • ToffeeApple
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    ToffeeApple polycounter lvl 8
    Congrats this looks really great! I agree with st3rv about the plants - the leaves seem a bit too thick and the outline of them is perhaps a little too smooth. In placement terms, they appear more like a pile of leaves than a plant.

    Other than this I love this environment - it makes me think of skateboarding games with all that smooth open space.
  • KartoonHead
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    KartoonHead polycounter lvl 4
    Good work so far, a few things I noticed,

    the lighting in general is a bit flat and uninteresting, you should try and add a little contrast, and perhaps throw a few directional lights in there to create some visual interest in certain areas

    the large chunks of 3D text look like they're glowing but are also casting/receiving shadows, which is a bit jarring on the eye

    the infinite nothing of space is a bit on the bright-and-uniform side, making it darker would add contrast to the scene, you could even throw in a nearby star to give you some sun-like directional light coming in through those windows, just an idea!

    the foliage needs work, but you probably already know that one :P

    there are lots (LOTS) of hard edges in the scene that could do with a good old-fashioned chamfering, a little more love on the low poly modelling side of things could level this thing up quite a way, but at the moment lighting is my biggest issue

    hope some of that helps
  • ladyknowles
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    ladyknowles polycounter lvl 7
    @alexk Thank you so much <3

    @mats effect Means a lot man! <3

    @st3rv Thank you man! I think I'll change the stairs when I get a chance.

    @Wesley Thank you lovely! I'll fix that. Still trying to decide on how to improve on the foliage. It'll come to me, I know :P

    @odd_enough Been having a theoretical bitch fight with tiledshot, think it's that. Thank you! <3

    @Amatobahn I have no idea but now they've been ZAPPED! Thank you

    @ToffeeApple Thank you :) Gonna change dem plants...

    @KartoonHead Wow thanks so much for the feedback, so much love for you right now. I'm still getting my head around chamfering the edges without totally buggering up the modularity. Working on it though! Pushed the lighting too, hopefully it's a bit better :)

    Just a little update. I've tried to push the lighting a bit, got rid of those weird lights, added a poster, lens flares, light volumes...There's meant to be bloom coming from the moon but tiledshot is being a hater, as usual!

  • ladyknowles
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    ladyknowles polycounter lvl 7
    Small update to the lighting:

  • Ged
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    Ged interpolator
    lighting is nice but perhaps a little too foggy? you are loosing those texture colours in the haze a bit, maybe post processing could bring it all together a bit more, also it feels like there should perhaps be a little more bounced/GI style light hitting the walls and cieling? just some ideas!
  • Wesley
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    Wesley Polycount Sponsor
    Yeah I like the contrast in the lighting, but maybe you've blown a few things out here. Keep at it!
  • Jeff Parrott
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    Jeff Parrott polycounter lvl 17
    ZOMG Saturate the center sign and dim the side lights already!

    Looking cool otherwise.
  • CordellC
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    CordellC polycounter lvl 10
    ZOMG Saturate the center sign and dim the side lights already!

    Looking cool otherwise.

    This. You need a focal point in the lighting (the sign would be nice).
  • joshmtyler
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    joshmtyler polycounter lvl 5
    One thing I would say, is that since you are using one texture, why not add a tiny bit more modeling love? I mean smooth out your round corners a bit. It's really noticeable in the 4th image.
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