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Hello Polycount

Hello Polycount!
To start off, I apologize if this is the wrong forum to be posting this in, now...

I am a very ambitious 14 year old, a Freshman, halfway through my first year in High school. I have always been interested in video games, and that grew enough to a point where I came up with ideas for games, what should be added in current games, all that stuff. But at this point, I am trying to learn how to actually make a game, with my current education of this being through YouTube... I am looking for a place to learn, that is where I need your help.

First of all, what classes in High School do you recommend for this skill? Are there any places online that are good to learn from? I hope to finish at least one game before making it into college, or at least create something of use, and I know it takes a while to learn, but anything helps.

So, once again, I would like to say Hello to polycount, and i'd appreciate any response, and I look forward to being part of the polycount community, and hopefully joining up with some of you, some day, to make great games.

Thank you

EDIT: And also, I am a terrible artist... And I never seem to learn how to get better at it... How do I... eh... 'Fix' this?

2. I take engineering at the moment, which we make 3d models of buildings and such.
3. I would like to make 3d games


  • valuemeal
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    valuemeal polycounter lvl 6
    1.Draw circles every day, it helps loosen your arms,
    2.get a sketchbook
    3. don't be afraid to come up with new ideas
    4. take your time, no need to rush everything
    5. what types of games do you want to make ? 3D? Flash? Shooters? Platformers?
    6. sharpen your drawing skills before you venture into 3D
    7. What skill set do you want to focus in? Characters? Environments?
    8. Don't be afraid to make rough sketches and gestures that look horrible , they help you in the end.
    9. make as many roughs as you can as well
    10 . Stay after a school with your art teacher and learn some basic skills
    11. hang out with artistic people

    Most places will tend to ignore you if you are a tad younger and don't have the skills yet, but keep practicing.
    Also avoid 4chan's /ic/ and /3/ at all costs, they are idiots of the highest caliber.
  • ivanzu
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    ivanzu polycounter lvl 9
    Take art classes if you want to become an artist if you want to be a programmer take programming classes.

    You didnt tell us what classes you can take so there is no way we can tell which one you should take.
  • DrunkShaman
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    DrunkShaman polycounter lvl 11
    Greetings Salutations;

    Welcome to the Polycount. Here you will find the tips, tricks and critiques required to fine tune your art skills for video games.

    Start fiddling around with UDK and any 3d modeling tool such as Maya / 3ds max, XSI or Luxology modo. A free one you can get is Blender. 2d sketching tools such as Paint tool sai, Art Rage, Gimp, Sketchbook pro, 2d editing / sketching tool such as Photoshop.

    Go to your local art store and buy yourself a sketchbook / pad, set of pencil (s) and start drawing anything from a shaded sphere to a human figure.

    Also, do look in to Zbrush sculptris and Mudbox.

    If you wish to look in to Game programming. You should look in to XNA game studio, or Direct X programming, Ogre 3d programming. Mainly if you like to stick around here Majority of people use UDK, Cryengine, Unity game level editors / game engines. So I would suggest you should read up on all this and make your own set of tools and workflow. :)

    Welcome again. :D
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