OH GOD! what'd i get myself into...

so firstly...

man this forum is very inspiring. The Polycount submissions to Dota 2 got me thinking...
"how hard could this possibly be?"

so turns out a lot harder then i thought.

why'll i am trudging along just fine so far.

I do have one, soul crushing, question.

I've been learning Zbrush to begin with as apposed to Maya or 3dstudio.

So i've started my modeling for a dota 2 armor in Zbrush

I've also messed with the retopology tools in Zbrush.

I'm hoping that i can create my detailed sculpt then just retopologize it back down into an acceptable poly count from within Zbrush then export and "rig" it all in maya.

this is my current workflow idea. I figure if i can export from maya to zbrush the base model why can't I export low poly and high poly models from Zbrush to Maya.

is that wrong?

Currently working on a helm for Drow and i've either been deforming simple box shapes into the right shapes or extracting base model geometry to create objects i can sculpt from.

I'm sure I'll have way many more, more technical, questions moving forward. but i'll try and Research those instead of just asking like i'm doing now.


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