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3ds 9 exporter

Hi you all.
I'm still using that nice old 3ds 9; now I see that the .dlu exporter for that version is no more in /tools (deprecated?). Anyone can tell me where/if/how can I find that file?
Besides, do I miss anything using .fbx instead? (I know the great work by Ruan about it).

Thanks in advance


  • Olli.
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    Olli. polycounter lvl 8
    if theres no exporter for 9 in the freeSDK tools folder, then theres no exporter for 9.

    you could try use the old one from cryengine 2, but theres a pretty slim chance itll work.

    so i guess youre stuck with using the FBX exporter unless youre able to upgrade max.
  • e-freak
    you can use the old one from CE2 or older CE3 versions (check the C2 SDK maybe, idk if its still in there). Keep in mind though that if they are not shipped anymore it means they are not supported anymore. In most cases they should still work fine, but you will not get the latest bug fixes.

    In the end, the exporter is just the front-end to the RC compiler, so as long as you have any exporter and you can get it to talk to the RC (might require that you copy over DLL files from older versions if it asks for it) you should be able to work with that.
  • barri allen
    Thanks to both of you. Useful.

    ...and done, file in cry 2 SB worked like a charm for me :)
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