[WIP] Modern Sniper Rifle Concept




I've been doing a lot of vehicles recently and thought I'd try my hand at a weapon. I've had ideas of a sniper rifle bouncing in my head for awhile and since I don't have excellent concept painting skills I trimmed elements from sniper rifles I like and mashed them up. Here's my concept:


Looking at the concept I know there are a lot of flaws like the ejection port not lining up with the magazine, the barrel and frame are skewed as well as other parts because of different perspectives from each image. No matter though I still managed to get a decent block out with some details added. Here it is:


Right now I know the wires are very messy and I will clean them up, I just wanted to get a better visual of the rifle in 3D. Up to this point I'm happy about the look but I know I can push it further.

I do have a few questions for you all, assuming this goes into an FPS would a tri count of 9k be too much too little?

C&C are appreciated as well! Thanks :)


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