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Steve Schulze polycounter lvl 18
I've been spending far too much time playing this game recently and thought it was about time I destroyed some more people's productivity by handing out a link.
It's a bit like that "Draw Something" game that folks have been getting into on the Iphone lately, crossed with the Chinese whispers/telephone game that kids play. Basically, someone submits a line of text as a starting theme. It can be anything at all. Another player then receives this text and has to draw their interpretation within ten minutes. Then the next player is sent that image and has to write what they think they see and this goes back and forth until there are 16 submissions - 6 text, 6 pictures. These are then compiled and sent to each of the players. Sometimes it stays consistent from beginning to end. Usually the game will immediately go off on a new tangent, getting further and further away, not to mention more bizarre with each submission.

For example:
We begin with "Man from Michigan plays the banjo" and end with "Lemon head man checks prostrate of worried dog".
Being the internet and moderated only through up and down voting, there's a bit of crudity and memes, but never the less I find that plenty of games are worth a good laugh. It's also oddly addictive as my score rapidly moving towards 1000 will indicate.


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