Dumpster model (First decent model - needs critique) [WIP]

COMPLETION EDIT 4/20/2012: Well, it's about 2:30am on a school night and I just finished doing the specular and diffuse maps. I'm so happy with the way this thing turned out, and the only problem that I see with it is my poor unwrap causing some of the smaller parts such as the wheels to be very low resolution. I hope you guys enjoy the completed model! I'm off to create some more now that I've taught myself the basics of prop modeling! Please give me some critique on my work!


Hey everyone, not much to really say except for that I used 3ds max, xnormal, photoshop, and now possibly mudbox to paint in a nice diffuse texture next.

Spent aprox 6 hrs in total doing this along side a tutorial on cgtuts plus. I'm trying to putt my own spin on things and making a bit unique and more closely tied to the reference image. So far, the most tedious part is baking normals, but damn does it ever feel good to have it turn out nicely poly112.gif

What does everyone think?



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