Sabriel Character Model

polycounter lvl 8
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Dylan Brady polycounter lvl 8
Hey guys, I've been pimping this in WAYWO for what feels like forever (Started as an anatomy study)
But I'm calling the sculpt done for now unless I get some crits.

Thanks to Ferg for pointing out the back area, I couldn't find any good reffs so I ended up photographing my brother, and its now one of my favorite parts of the model.

For the low poly I will be going for a Hero character polycount (~15K), and trying to model with CLEAN deformation in mind, hopefully doing some phys-cloth stuff for the clothing.

Anyways, heres the images. (Biggenz)


  • haikai
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    haikai polycounter lvl 8
    That's pretty nice so far. A few things:
    • She seems to be leaning forward in the side views.
    • Her clothing could be fitted in a more flattering way. This isn't to say it needs to conform tightly to the body or anything, but there are definitely reasons why people cinch things in certain places and let things hang in others. Fixing how she's standing would help this as well.
    • The design of the pouches across the chest, how they are small at the top and gradually increase in size as it goes down, is odd. Even back in the days before manufacturing, it would have been a lot more reasonable to make a bunch of these at similar sizes. How far they stick forward in side view also appears somewhat awkward.
    • The face could use a bit more work. It could be more feminine even without the aim of necessarily being attractive.
    Aside from the knuckles, which are somewhat misshapen in places, the hands look good. You also did a good job on the details on the clothing.
  • Dylan Brady
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    Dylan Brady polycounter lvl 8
    Thanks bro, I couldn't quite put a name on what was wrong with her pose but you nailed it.

    On the bells though, I am going off of Garth Nix's description of Sabriel, who uses the Seven Bells (off Ascending Size and Difficutly) to command the dead, so that's not just a random choice.

    Everything else Though I plan to get on ASAP thanx m8
  • Ferg
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    Ferg polycounter lvl 13
    hell yeah bonebrew! Glad the crit helped, the cloth looks great. She's lookin really nice. The one thing I just noticed is that the fingers shrink just before they connect with the hand... easy fix.
  • Dylan Brady
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    Dylan Brady polycounter lvl 8
    lol, so I know I said ASAP and then.... nothing.
    School, Contracts...
    Whatev heres my test bakes from last night, this chunk is around 4k Tris.
  • killnpc
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    killnpc polycounter lvl 6
    rad subject. i've wanted to sculpt her out for years.
  • Jeremy Tabor
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    Jeremy Tabor polycounter lvl 9
    nice, dude!

    Delays happen, but at least ur gettin back to it, y'know :)

    - the folds in the cloth along her waistline still look a little muddy to me, particularly where they all converge under her left arm (edit: although I just remembered that you have that sash running along there, so I guess take that crit as you will :))
    - nice job on those hands. Solid.
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