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Massive Update-Get! Freelance work has been slowing down a bit, so I've had a chance to charge forward with this guy again. Here are the latest shots (updated thread deets below)



Heya all!
I originally wanted to get this guy started for the Mudbox "Warriors" challenge over at, but ended up getting a contract job right around the time it rolled around. This is my first stab at a non-human character. Eager to hear your thoughts! :)

First up are the concept sketches for the character scanned from my sketchbook.

2cnuzhf.jpg 1zxnns3.jpg

110kb44.jpg oi94ox.jpg
Trying to figure out proportions, costuming, etc.


Getting the base mesh set up in Max. Trickiest part of this was figuring out how his fingers and hands blended into an actual wing-like arm. Looked at Disney's Robin Hood a lot for reference.


Wireframe. Since doing character rigging and animation for my last job, I have a whole lot more respect for proper meshflow. Hope I'm doing it right. :P


I think my biggest challenge with this guy will be the feathers. I checked Matt's feather tutorial on his site, and I'm not sure how I will tie it into a character sculpt. If any of you guys have any experience with it at all, please let me know! :D


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