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rickety old house WIP

Hi Everyone!

My main focus at the moment is beefing up my portfolio and getting it all online. Hopefully using some of my work to net some work experience or an internship or even a day visit to a studio! anything I can get my hands on really :)

So here's a building I'm working on. It's very much a WIP.

The mesh isn't great and needs cleaning up and I want to add a load more bit'n'bobs to make it more interesting. I'm hoping to go for a WoW/Torchlight feel with also with influence from Chris Riddel's illustrations from the Edge Chronicles book series.

My plan is to use this thread along with my blog as a place to keep on posting updates to keep myself motivated and to get some feedback of course :)

anyway here it is, please crit away!





  • Peter H
    So i've made a bit of progress.

    The textures are still realy basic, working some detail into them is my next move.

    Would love feedback and criticism :)



  • gsokol
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    gsokol Polycount Sponsor
    This is a good start...I really like how this is going.

    Are you going to do some handpainted style textures? That would look pretty rad.
  • glottis8
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    glottis8 polycounter lvl 9
    Like the shape of this. I think you could play a little more with the shape of the tower and roof... so that the lines don't look straight. Would give it an interesting silhouette.

    good job!Keep us posted man.
  • Peter H
    Thanks for the encouraging words guys :)

    @gsokol: that's the plan! I haven't done any hand painted texture stuff before and i realy like it so going to give it a go!

    @glottis8: yeh after you mentioned that I can really notice it, especially on the tower and sides of the roof, shouldn't be too tricky to have a play around with them see if i can make those lines a bit more interesting!
  • Peter H
    Just started realy getting into the texturing, thought Id post what I've done so far here. Texturing isn't my strongest point, so feedback would be great :) I'm using a 512x512 map for it.

    Oh and I havnt touched the stonework at the borrom of the wall yet!

    Haven't had a chance to go back to the geom yet to tweak the silhouette, wanted to have a go at texturing first to make a start at it.

  • Cheese_Shinobi
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    Cheese_Shinobi polycounter lvl 9
    I like the atmosphere of this piece!

    Isn´t 512 a bit too small though? Looks awfully grainy.
  • Peter H
    Yea I agree, I was trying to keep the texture maps as small as possible, but I think for the bigger objects I may have to jump yp to 1024's.
  • Peter H
    here's a shot of the texture. What do you think would be best? go bigger and less grainy or try working into this a bit more to smooth it out?

    Oh and the reason I haven't overlapped UV's is because they geom was quite a bit diferent in each side. Although thats another otion, overlapping them roughly then having more space to play with.

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