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Sketchbook: Andrew Maximov

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Hey there! I've been totally lazy with all the work I do lately - no time for personal stuff=(
But now I feel like the hunger for studying overcomes(thanks to FFXIII^_^) so I diceded to strat a scetchbook here, to keep me motivated and responsible for updating it every once in a while.

I haven't done any drawing in quite a while. And it actually feels good, to look at something and realise how totally shitty it is=) makes me want to work hard(or eat my pencils%) ).

I mostly do my drawings based on something. Or even juts redraw stuff when I like it a lot. And thats the point that bothers me. If there's a goal to be pointed out for this thread(at least for now) it's that I want to come up with more stuff that is unique to me and looks descent without hours of looking for and at reference. Any comments and critiques are totally appreciated. And If I ever become good at drawing I'll totally have to buy the most active of you a piece of chocolate or something=)

I post some oldies here first. I'll scan the new stuff tonight.)


those guys Are a part of my personla project. They are bound by somethng they do. I came up with personal stories for them and given them a good thought.
If I'll ever get ot finish it you'l definetly know more.) Btw, the guy in the middle was drawn on a lazy saturday morning in Jerusalem=)

cheers. see you soon


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