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  • LokiClock
    I feel I should explain the centaur, now that it's garnered its share of laughs. I was going to troll a furry website with a friend. Ask them to yiff with my fursona, Bronson; post some poetry; all caps posts; etc. The other drawing that was mocked is serious, though.
  • PatrickL
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    PatrickL polycounter lvl 9
    Xoliul wrote: »
    Hey Loki, kid, why don't you start doing something useful with your life? Everybody here at Polycount is doing so...

    HAHA! That's what YOU think!
  • Taylor Hood
    I believe this thread is heading towards Ragnarok.


    See what I did there?

    Also, that Centaur picture could be sold for the millions. I'd buy it, for sure.
  • Joopson
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    Joopson Polycount Sponsor
    Actually, minus all the clock nonsense, some of Loki's drawings on his website have some really expressionistic effects, and I quite like a couple of them.
    I feel like he actually ISN'T a troll by the traditional meaning of the word, and I feel that sometimes Polycount gets carried away when they think they've found a troll.

    Regardless, the 3D model is pretty bad; just put more time into it, and smooth it less. Use reference, too. Bake me a lemon cake, maybe. That would be good.
    ... Sorry

    Erm, so yes! Post more work!
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