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  • Wells
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    Wells polycounter lvl 16
    Cyrael wrote: »
    I HATE watching trailers where i go.. well guess I don't have to go see the movie now.. because they went through the entire plot in that 2 min span.. it seems to be happening a lot more often lately as well.

    ha. i hate when people say this, because they have no idea how much of the movie was in the trailer until they actually go and see the movie! :poly124:

    I thought IM2 was good. Liked the first one better, but this one wasn't bad at all.

    I wonder how long it took Cheadle to get in and out of War Machine without the automated process. I imagine dozens of grunts at the Airforce working on him for hours...
  • MoP
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    MoP polycounter lvl 16
    It was an enjoyable movie, lots of cool action, the suit and drone designs were super cool, and some quite funny moments too.

    However I hated that about 25% of the dialogue seemed to be people talking over each other.
  • Richard Kain
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    Richard Kain polycounter lvl 14
    adam wrote: »
    It was a bit lame though that Whiplash knew Stark was going to be in the race, but Stark's own people had no idea.

    That's actually easy to explain. Whiplash wouldn't have had any idea that Stark would be "in" the race, but he would have definitely been able to know that Stark would be "at" the race. Since Stark owned one of the cars racing, he probably made these trips to the Monaco speedway anually. And if Whiplash wanted to get close to Stark, the best way for him to have infilitrated a ritzy event like this would have been as a member of the pit crew. With his grungy appearance and harsh upbringing, he would never have been able to pass himself off as waiter or member of the staff. So disguising himself as a member of the pit crew was his best bet at getting close to Stark. It would not be unusual for Stark to inspect his car at some point, or congratulate the driver after the race.

    The announcement that Stark would be taking over for his driver and entering the race himself was broadcast over all of the televisions at the racetrack. So it wouldn't really be surprising for Whiplash to have found out about it before stepping out onto the track.
  • Cyrael
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    Cyrael polycounter lvl 10
    Sectaurs wrote: »
    ha. i hate when people say this, because they have no idea how much of the movie was in the trailer until they actually go and see the movie! :poly124:

    *rant start*

    Don't get me wrong I go see the movie anyway.. but a prime example is quarantine.. the final shot of the movie is in the trailer..

    I think there has also been a trend where trailers a cut extremely well and DONT give away any of the plot points. prime examples being Iron man 2 and Clash of the Titans, the first time I saw the clash trailer I was like a little schoolboy, I wanted to see it sooo badly.. I felt the same way with Iron man 2, I dont know I just get irritated when the major plot points are released in the trailers.

    But I agree with you, you don't ultimately know until you see the movie -

    *end Rant*
  • notman
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    notman polycounter lvl 17
    Well, that's the unfortunate part (and the point). When I see a trailer, and it includes all/most of the significant points of the movie, I get extremely disappointed when I pay to see the movie, only to find out that I've basically seen it already.
    This is especially true for most comedies. They take the best jokes of the movie, and make multiple trailers/commercials, so there are no jokes left once you see the movie.

    Basically, they can make a trailer draw my interest, without giving up the wow moments of the movie.
  • TheMadArtist
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    TheMadArtist polycounter lvl 12
    Some cool breakdowns of the interface cg
  • Jeremy Lindstrom
  • KhAoZ
  • Mladen Jovicic
    was a very enjoyable movie. i liked mickey rourke's character alot. too bad it ended super quickly for him when they actually fought.

    haha drunk scene was priceless.

    someone needs to make that Stark PDA asap.
  • Kwramm
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    Kwramm interpolator
    I Just learned that my company made a lot of the things you see in the aerial shots in the trailer :) haven't seen it in the cinema yet though...work work work
  • Frump
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    Frump polycounter lvl 12
    I just got back from seeing this. I was not planning to see it at all. I was kind of avoiding it due to low expectations.

    However, I loved it! It was totally awesome. It was self-aware and unapologetic. They delivered extremely cheesy lines, cheesy acting, extremely improbable situations and ridiculous action. They knew they wouldn't top the first one by trying to do it straight up so they cranked the dial to 11.

    There are many scenes where it's totally apparent that what you are watching is not meant to be serious. Many of them are in the first 10 minutes and are meant to get you into the right mindset for the movie you are about to watch. So many logical fallacies appear onscreen in the first few minutes you find yourself questioning what you are watching... Then it hits you like an epiphany. This is totally ridiculous, ridiculous awesome.

    Parts of the movie also covertly break the 4th wall, by being self-aware and knowing what the audience is thinking; two in particular come to mind. When Stark is in the office and he plays around with the pendulum thing on the desk, for one. The other is when Don Cheedle's character says "Why didn't you open with that?" in reference to Iron Man doing an uber attack that kills everything.

    I like this movie a lot better than the first Iron Man in its own way. They are almost not comparable. The last was a serious effort with a great turnout, whereas this was much more lighthearted and not meant to be taken seriously.

    If you can enjoy it for what it is, an over the top cheesefest, I would definitely recommend you go see it.:)

    Nick Fury: I got my eye on you

    War Machine: You look like two seals fighting over a grape

    Hammer guy: Look! I just took your stuff! How does that make YOU feel?
  • notman
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    notman polycounter lvl 17
    Frump wrote: »
    The other is when Don Cheedle's character says "Why didn't you open with that?" in reference to Iron Man doing an uber attack that kills everything.

    lol, my wife had JUST basically said that just prior to War Machine saying that.
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