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WW2 Tank Warfare Game Work in progress



  • ImSlightlyBored
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    ImSlightlyBored polycounter lvl 13
    sure though?
    its probably the same guy
    at least 2 are.
  • Taylor Hood
    Rofl... Chrizz THAT made my day.
  • frubes
    I have come to the conclusion you are so mis informed theres little point in trying to be constructive and help you. So all im going to say is:

  • ErichWK
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    ErichWK polycounter lvl 10
    But what if. . . he proves everyone wrong? And makes a game that even God himself will be impressed over?
  • Stertman
    haha.. this is so fun.. whats all this about, last days two guys have started to post stuff and want to make money of it.. and all your talk about xbox vs 360?

    when are you planing for release? will you be at E3 next year?
  • Jesse Moody
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    Jesse Moody polycounter lvl 13
    Wow I just stumpled into this umm well let's just say interesting. Yeah that's a safe word I suppose.

    I for one am all up for having huge goals. I set mine high and usually fail miserably. But the end result from what I do get, while not what I thought perfect in my mind is very nice.

    The fellas here asked some pretty legit questions and you don't seem to be interested in answering any of them and have said some crazy off the wall things. So I guess good luck...
  • 3dskillet
    dv8ix wrote: »
    These Arnt the offical Textures, and most of the buildings are TEST models.

    Yea And you Can do a Alot with just a 7 poly model to make it look freaking amazing Like this screenshot from Command and Conqour 3.

    7 Poly, with normal maps Can do a Fuck of alot for a modeller.

    This is actually 16 polys

    14 if you guys cut out the bottom

    keep in mind it is triangle count, not face count

  • slipsius
    Racer445 wrote: »
    Don't forget to tighten up the graphics on level 3.

    this made my day!!! lol! that commercial is so funny!
  • skylebones
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    skylebones polycounter lvl 10
    dv8ix wrote: »
    HEY Listen. For one minute to what I have to say. This Game will Look Exceptional when it is Completed. We Will Get the Pixel Ratio cleared up, We will get Normal Maps involved.

    Theres a Famous Saying "You think Rome was Built in one day???"

    ... Of Course NOT!!

    Your Looking at a promising new Game! I garantee you This Product.
    We Are talking about Full scale Tank Warfare, The Way it Was meant to be played, The Way It HAS NEVER BEEN PLAYED BEFORE!

    We Are going to HAVE ENDLESS Amount of Features and Upgrades. Breathtaking scenarios and visuals.

    Here Me out for 1 more minute!

    Imagine The way it really happened.
    Your Cruising along open valley!! your Running over fences and such. Your zoomed in looking for any enemy activity, But you see NONE!

    Until That final moment of Surprise, Tiger Tanks hidden in thick bushs Surprise you, They come Running over trees, trees are beeing knocked over EVERYWHERE. The Tiger Tanks are all gillied in Branches and Grass, They come roaring out into the battlefield, your tanks are breaking out into formation and there is ABSOLUTE CHOAS Going on into the battlefield. And then within a few seconds tanks are engadging themselves in close fierce combat 1000 OF TANKS RAMPING EACHOTHER, FIELD FUCKING ONE ANOTHER

    And thats the vision I set forth to achieve.

    You know, I dont want to hear that SHIT, That you dont think like I DONT know what Im doing here, BECUASE I BELIEVE, ALWAYS HAVE ALWAYS WILL AND THATS FINAL okay its settled

    No one can replace Billy Mays, but it's sounds like your going to try.
  • System
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    System admin
    Your a rude dude/troll! Entertaining stuff though.
  • dlx
    Phase 1: Work on tank game
    Phase 2: ?
    Phase 3: Profit
  • achillesian
  • Taylor Hood
    Phase 5: More babes
    Phase 6:Phase 7: Ceo of major company
    Phase 7: Mansion
    Phase 8: Retirement
    Phase 9 : Spend life in a beatiful holiday mansion

    this dude is set.
  • ZacD
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    ZacD polycounter
    LoM Chaos wrote: »
    Phase 5: More babes
    Phase 6:Phase 7: Ceo of major company
    Phase 7: Mansion
    Phase 8: Retirement
    Phase 9 : Spend life in a beatiful holiday mansion

    this dude is set.

    This dude ruined the joke.

    I'm just kidding, I don't hate ya... now don't get angry at me over the internetz.
  • achillesian
  • Taylor Hood
    Pfft, ez moneh.

    Its k Zac. I know you're just messin'.
  • nfrrtycmplx
    phase 10: tank game 2 - a sequel

    I think new members should have to take an IQ test... but it shouldn't be retroactive. I don't want to lose my membro-ships.

    Yah, and to the guy who doesn't know anything about a tank game... come on. Seriously dude. It's an effing tank game. I'm sold, so why don't you get on board?

    Seriously can't imagine someone walking into an office full of publisher execs and saying, "hey (slaps feet onto conf room desk)... check it out... *(smacking gum)*... It's a tank game... yeah? get it? Tank games... know bout those?"

    AND expect to get a game signed.

    The day that happens... is the day i quit my day job and start givin out handies on the corner.
  • 00Zero
    hey, i remember you. didnt you used to be a wings3d troll? ryan walsh also sounds familiar. didnt you have that whole fiasco on conceptart.org?


    and who could forget this

  • butt_sahib
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    butt_sahib polycounter lvl 11
    LMFAO @ thread. Nice shit. i needed a break from all the studying im doing.
    LOL @ zac haha nice one X-D
    And yeah man, jason presents a valid point. wtf is up eh?

    oh and btw....um...so youre 25??
  • gamedev
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    gamedev polycounter lvl 12
    I'm not going to lie - I think you have some stiff competition. For example, Exhibit A: This killer tank game has been in production since 1995... and the word on the street is it has endless features - hell it ought it to, it's been in development for 14 years!!

  • PixelMasher
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    PixelMasher high dynamic range
    oh hell yea! DeathHelmz is back! always awesome for a good read, lets not ban him too fast this time and deprive ourselves of such golden discussions.
  • dejawolf
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    dejawolf polycounter lvl 11
    i've worked on 2 tank games in my life. the first was a miserable failure of a game similar to yours that was never completed, the second is a programmer-starved tanksim in development hell.

    oh and this arcadey WW2 tankshit has been done before with panzer elite action:
    it has better graphics than your crap, and it flopped miserably.

    then there's steel fury:
    russian WW2 tanksim. sold badly.

    tiger vs T-34. flopped badly. company went out of business.

    and finally the tanksim that spawned PEA, panzer elite:
    it was mildly popular, and still has a dedicated community of hardcore fans consisting of sad, lonely, fat, quasi-nazi tanknuts modding it far beyond its years, when they're not dressing up in SS uniforms on the local reenactments.

    the tanksim market is tiny, and barely alive. the WW2 tank action game market is non-existent.
  • Xaltar

    Priceless thread, this should be a sticky on how to be a bad a$$ game dev what knows it all.

    Gotta love trolls.
  • Ott
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    Ott polycounter lvl 13
    Whats the difference between Xbox or Xbox 360?
    Xbox 360 is a fuck of a load louder than xbox when it runs. Thats the only difference
    Quote of the year.

    And if your "Progress rate is at a all time high of 78percent" I can only imagine your Gold-Master-Copy should look something like this:

  • achillesian
    Xaltar wrote: »
    Gotta love trolls.

  • -DN-
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    -DN- polycounter lvl 15
    I was almost considering posting a link to this thread in the "thread of awsomeness" of in our general discussion... lol man this is all kinds of win and should be stickied!

    I'd just like to add to others comments about the odd people showing up on our forums lately... I've been lurking on these boards since... shiet... 1997? maybe older than that and it has always felt like the hidden little gamming gem of a forum. Lately it's like we hired a sweat shop to mass market over sea's... FLyers reading "make lotz of dollar with free 3d softwarez, make you game, make you dollar!!" Not that i'd put that past our creative moderators... I mean after all... 1 canadian dollar equals four african dollars...
  • adam
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    adam polycounter lvl 15
    Whether your trolling or not, this entire thread is embarrassing. Take your trolling behaviour elsewhere.
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