Armadillo Barbarian

Hey everyone

So the college I graduated from has this group going on Facebook where we have a weekly art jam. Someone states a game/style and gives specifications and you have a week to do it. This last week I chose Allods and to make a character that could fit in the universe and match the style. I didn't have time to finish it, but I'm going to continue working on it and make him badass.

I chose to go with a Armadillo race, and more specifically a barbarian style class. Not sure if he would *really* fit in the universe, but doing my best to match the style. Here's the current progress

Armor design

weighs in at 2400 tris without armor, and 3900 with armor

I tried doing a lot of research on different caricatures of Armadillos, and as you would expect I didn't find much. This is mainly the reason I wanted to do an armadillo character, simply because you don't find many armadillo's in video games, let alone as an actual character. I started him last Wednesday, and have put about 15-20 hours into him so far from concepting the idea and getting to this point.

I'll be updating this as I progress along, would like to finish him in the next day or two (armor maybe by Friday, not really sure how I want that to look just yet). Feel free to leave some C&C :)


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