The Character Art Roadmap - Request for Guidance

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Hey guys, long story short, having been repeatedly inspired by the jaw-dropping character work consistently posted in the WAYWO thread and the recaps, I really want to start having a go myself.

Now, other than a bit of life drawing here and there, I've never done much in the way of character work.

I've managed to free up a few nights a week which I want to dedicate to art, just having fun, not trying to get hired or become an employed character artist, just purely for personal development and enjoyment.

With that said, what course of stuff would you guys suggest is a good way of building some solid skills. I've worked in 3D for a number of years now (arch viz artist) so im comfortable with all the software and all that technical stuff but from an artistic standpoint, that's where I want to develop.

What I mean by 'roadmap' is what's a good way of going at things. Should I spend consecutive nights on anatomy, then some 2d, then 3d. Should I mix it up and do a bit of everything. Which way would benefit me most?

I'm planning to just get into it but I don't want to be counterproductive by spending more time on stuff that may not help as much, or conversely not enough time on things that are important.

That's a wall of text for a trivial question but I'm crap at explaining what I mean.

Looking forward to hearing your suggestions!

Also, I'm keen to hook up with any of you character guys (experienced or begginer like me) on MSN if anyone wants to chat, I love talking about this stuff while I'm working on it but I find I only ever talk to most of you on here through the forum.

My MSN is thomasjamesellis at gmail dot com if anyone wants to add me up.



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